Krystal Maxwell

Senior Research Analyst

Networked Buildings
Krystal Maxwell is a senior research analyst with Guidehouse Insights contributing to the Networked Buildings, Lighting Efficiency, and Building Automation and Control solutions. Maxwell specializes in strategic engagements around the digital and sustainable transformation of resilient building infrastructure. She focuses on intelligent building solutions, building technologies, energy efficiency, lighting innovations, Internet of Things, and decarbonization and sustainability strategy.

Previously, Maxwell was Guidehouse Insights’ client service lead, facilitating communications and customer service with the group’s global client base. Maxwell holds a BA in political science, with a minor in German, from Occidental College and studied abroad at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany.
“Human-centric lighting has been a growing buzzword within the lighting industry and is gaining attention by manufacturers, building owners, operators and occupants, and researchers. But while interest and available products are increasing, there is still a lack of research available on human-centric lighting, how to quantify the benefits of it, and the best way to measure it.”
— Krystal Maxwell