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Aug 18, 2020 - 1:00 PM EDT

Building Back Better: Increasing the Resilience of City Infrastructure and Services

Pathways to Resilience: Infrastructure 4.0 - A Guidehouse Webinar Series

City priorities have changed dramatically in recent months, and many of these changes will have long term consequences. Accepted ideas on how cities are organized, managed, and monitored have been overturned. In addition, there is the issue of depleted budgets and reduced tax bases. Health, safety, and economic survival have become existential priorities for city leaders today. Despite these urgent and unpredictable challenges, city leaders realize the need to rebuild better to ensure resilience for future pandemic events, accelerate the shift to zero carbon cities, and address the gross social inequalities in many cities. These aspirational priorities must be considered even as cities continue to deal with current existential threats.

Join Guidehouse’s experts for an engaging discussion on the challenges facing cities and their partners as they look to build back better. The panel will examine what this means for urban infrastructure, city services, energy systems, and transportation. Hear how cities are looking to drive sustainable and equitable investment in resilient infrastructure and services and the role of utilities and other key partners in this journey. This discussion is the fifth installment in the Guidehouse webinar series Pathways to Resilience: Infrastructure 4.0.

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August 18, 2020

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