2Q 2024

Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard: Energy as a Service Vendors

Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 14 Energy as a Service Companies

In the ever-evolving landscape of energy solutions, energy as a service (EaaS) has experienced substantial growth in demand over the past 5 years. To thrive in today’s competitive market, EaaS vendors have been compelled to diversify their product portfolios. This diversification involves not just expanding their offerings but also forging strategic alliances and partnerships that can allow them to stay abreast of the latest processes to deliver seamless installations and tailor-made solutions for their clients. In addition, EaaS vendors have witnessed growth propelled by technological innovations and rising demand for more flexible, sustainable energy solutions.

This Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard ranks 14 companies on their EaaS solutions strategy and execution. Companies were selected for inclusion in the report based on their inclusion in past Guidehouse Insights EaaS reports and a market scan for new market entrants. The Leaderboard includes a variety of stakeholders, including traditional energy service companies, utilities, and EaaS platform providers. Most of the players in the Leaderboard have leveraged partnerships with different providers across the EaaS value chain to complement their own capabilities and enable them to provide end-to-end EaaS services. This can include partnerships with technology, hardware, and financial organizations. The diversity of companies in this report represents the evolving partnership ecosystem and a variety of approaches to delivering integrated EaaS solutions.

This Leaderboard is intended to help market participants better understand their competitors’ solutions offerings, differentiating factors, and track records in executing EaaS projects. In this market, the relative position of different vendors is likely to shift as organizations continue to refine their portfolios, and their EaaS solutions mature.

Top 10 Vendors
  1. Ameresco
  2. Schneider Electric
  3. Enel X
  4. Johnson Controls
  5. Siemens
  6. ENGIE
  7. Redaptive
  8. Budderfly
  9. Centrica
  10. Sparkfund
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  • Who are the market leaders among EaaS providers, and why?
  • What differentiates EaaS market leaders?
  • Which companies feature the most comprehensive EaaS offerings?
  • Which companies are positioned for growth in the market?
  • How are market trends affecting the competitive landscape?
  • EaaS vendors
  • Energy service companies
  • Investment firms
  • OEMs
  • Policymakers
  • Real estate firms
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Utilities

1. Executive Summary

1.1    Market Introduction

1.2    The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid

2. Market Overview

2.1    Market Definition

2.2    Market Drivers

2.2.1   Policy Adoption and Legislative Obligations

2.2.2   Energy Resilience Needs

2.2.3   Financial Landscape Challenges

2.2.4   Increased Sustainability Goal Setting

2.3    Market Barriers

2.3.1   Complexity of Technology Integration

2.3.2   Skilled Labor Shortages and Scalability Issues

2.3.3   Skepticism toward and Limited Familiarity with New Technologies

2.3.4   Supply Chain Disruptions and Rising Costs of Raw Materials

2.4    Market Trends

3. The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard

3.1    The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Categories

3.1.1   Leaders

3.1.2   Contenders

3.1.3   Challengers


3.2    The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid

4. Company Rankings

4.1    Leaders

4.1.1   Ameresco

4.1.2   Schneider Electric

4.1.3   Enel X

4.2    Contenders

4.2.1   Johnson Controls

4.2.2   Siemens

4.2.3   ENGIE

4.2.4   Redaptive

4.2.5   Budderfly

4.2.6   Centrica

4.2.7   Sparkfund

4.2.8   Metrus Energy

4.2.9   McKinstry

4.3    Challengers

4.3.1   Bernhard

4.3.2   Trane Technologies

5. Acronym and Abbreviation List

6. Table of Contents

7. Table of Charts and Figures

8. Scope of Study and Methodology

8.1    Scope of Study

8.2    Sources and Methodology

8.2.1   Vendor Selection

8.2.2   Ratings Scale Score Calculations

8.2.3   Criteria Definitions Strategy    Execution

  • EaaS Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2024-2033
  • The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid
  • Ameresco Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Schneider Electric Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Enel X Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Johnson Controls Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Siemens Strategy and Execution Scores
  • ENGIE Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Redaptive Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Budderfly Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Centrica Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Sparkfund Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Metrus Energy Strategy and Execution Scores
  • McKinstry Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Bernhard Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Trane Technologies Strategy and Execution Scores
  • EaaS Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2024-2033
  • The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Overall Scores
  • Vendor Scores
  • Vendor Scores on Strategy Criteria
  • Vendor Scores on Execution Criteria
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