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Analyst Insight: Top Trends Across Energy IT

Energy IT Forecast Insights

As renewables and the resulting DERs continue to enter the energy marketplace, and generation deregulation patterns continue globally, energy providers are facing fiercer competition. With these changes to generation and increased expectations for higher service across industries, customer information has grown in importance. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the need for utilities to communicate with customers—often without face-to-face interactions. This in turn has positively influenced growth in the energy IT market.

Over the next few years, the global energy IT market should expect replacements and upgrades of customer information systems (CIS) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to increase responsiveness to customers. CIS currently boasts the largest investment of energy IT segments measured. This large investment is consistent across regions, and while its CAGR is lower than many counterparts—along with CRM and GIS, it is at a more established point in the market—it is predicted to continue leading energy IT investment over the next decade.

Additionally, high growth is expected in meter data management systems (MDMS) and asset management system (AMS)/asset performance management (APM) markets. This high growth correlates with smart grid deployment and growing customer demands. MDMS can be used with smart meters to detect outages and theft—both essential for serving customers efficiently. APM breaks down silos in operations, creating greater efficiency.

Across energy IT, SaaS dominates a wave of growth rooted in the desire for efficiency and reliability. Technologies transported via the cloud require fewer physical product deliveries, and quicker responses to outages
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  • What are key global trends in energy IT?
  • Which segments are growing fastest in energy IT around the world?
  • Which energy IT technologies have the most mature markets?
  • Which energy IT technologies have the greatest potential for growth?
  • Why are is energy IT a growing market?
  • Which regions see space for growth in energy IT?
  • How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted consumer expectations in energy, and how is that impacting the energy IT space?
  • Energy suppliers, utilities, and grid operators 
  • Energy service companies (ESCOs) 
  • Government agencies 
  • Investor community 
  • Solar developers, installers, and operators 
  • Genset and microturbine vendors 
  • Fuel cell vendors 
  • Microgrid vendors 
  • EV charging vendors and service providers 



Executive Summary

Energy IT Trends Overview





Regional Trends




  • IT Spending by System, Global Markets: 2021-2030
  • AMS & APM Spending by Technology, Global Markets: 2021-2030
  • CIS & CRM Revenue by Technology, Global Markets: 2021-2030
  • GIS Spending CAGR, Global Markets: 2021 – 2030
  • MDMS Spending CAGR, Global Markets: 2021 – 2030
  • AMS Spending by Region, Global Markets: 2021-2030
  • CIS Spending by Region, Global Markets: 2021-2030
  • GIS Spending by Region, Global Markets: 2021-2030
  • MDMS Spending by Region, Global Markets: 2021-2030
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