4Q 2023

Analyst Insight: Smart Meters Case Studies

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Tracker Insights

The evolution of smart metering has reached a tipping point in recent years, as technological leaps are, for the first time, enabling utilities to maximize the value of their advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) deployments. Utilities have become more focused on enabling ways to optimize the grid and create stronger relationships with customers. This report presents an in-depth analysis of how utilities are leveraging first- and second-generation smart meters to enhance their grid operations, customer engagement, and program management strategies.

The proliferation of managed services, software as a service models, and demand response consumer programs have been rapid and pronounced within smart meter programs. Utilities have taken advantage of smart meter enhancements to provide consumers valuable insights about their energy usage. In addition, utilities have leveraged program management to better balance grid loads and prevent grid overloads. Overall, the surge in smart meter applications and programs promises to revolutionize the market by delivering real-time insights to utilities and their customers.

This Guidehouse Insights Analyst Insight focuses on several notable case studies that characterize trends pertinent to the smart meter market. It includes discussions of market inflection trends, second-generation smart meter deployments, grid optimization strategies, smart meter program management, and pricing trends. Underlying the report is data from the Guidehouse Insights Global AMI Tracker, published in 4Q 2023.

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  • How do smart meter pricing trends differ across world regions?
  • How can utilities use demand response programs to improve consumer-utility relations?
  • What are the challenges of grid optimization, and what steps can be taken to overcome them?
  • How have different US utilities used second-generation smart meters to improve energy data management?
  • Which regions are growing the most in terms of smart meter advancements and deployments?
  • Utilities
  • Governments
  • Smart meter vendors
  • Distribution companies
  • Grid operators



Executive Summary

Market Inflection Trends

Case Studies: Second-Generation Smart Meters

Case Study: Grid Optimization

Case Studies: Customer Experience

Smart Meter Pricing Trends

Key Conclusions

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  • Smart Meter Pricing Trends
  • Smart Meter Industry Growth Potential, World Markets: 4Q 2023
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