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Smart Home Technology Provides Real-World Value

Oct 24, 2019

Smart Home

One of the biggest challenges for smart home technology is figuring out how to deliver meaningful value to consumers. It’s simply not enough for a device to be connected and convenient. These devices need to prove their worth, especially given their high premium. Many connected devices are falling short, with 22% of consumers returning connected devices after experiencing technical issues.

Apple Watch Saves Man’s Life

However, a story from the Seattle Times highlights how important smart home technology can be when it actually delivers. A Washington, US man crashed his bicycle and was knocked unconscious. He came-to in an ambulance on the way to the hospital because his Apple Watch detected his fall and dialed 911. The Apple Watch's fall-detection feature sent out an alert to emergency services because the wearer was immobile for 60 seconds after his fall. The watch also alerted the man’s son of the incident, as they were scheduled to meet when the accident occurred. Features like this are what sell consumers on smart technology. The man’s son plans to buy an Apple Watch and stated, “It’s worth the price of admission for a piece of hardware like that. It’s invaluable.”

Health-focused devices are gaining traction in the smart home market for this exact reason. Health is a convincing value proposition because having better information and control over one’s health resonates with people. There are a range of other companies in the wearables space offering fall-detection features, though not everyone is finding success along this avenue, for example, Hive discontinued its Hive Link solution. Energy and security can also offer convincing value propositions. Energy devices offer ROI by paying for themselves over time in energy savings, while security devices allow users to help protect their homes and families. However, not all features are hitting home with consumers, and it is about identifying the right capabilities to hook consumers on the benefits of connectivity and advanced technology.

Smart Technology Makes Life Better

The Apple Watch story showcases how compelling smart technology can be when it works well. This type of functionality highlights the future of smart home technologies. It’s cool to detect the fullness of your connected egg tray while at the store or having Samuel L. Jackson's voice talk through your connected speaker. However, consumer Internet of Things is about making people’s lives better through technology, and that’s just what Apple has demonstrated with its fall-detection feature.