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Why Guidehouse Insights

Innovations in vehicle electrification, automated driving technologies, and the emergence of shared mobility services are disrupting all segments of the automotive sector.

Guidehouse Insights analyzes how the confluence of automotive trends will impact public transit systems, freight haulers, automakers, charging infrastructure developers, energy companies, and cities.

Multinational Automaker

Custom Market Analysis


Guidehouse Insights conducted a worldwide study to identify potential candidate cities for EV car sharing program for a multinational automaker.  The feasibility of the new service opportunity was assessed across three regions:  U.S., Europe, and Asia.


  •  Identified and evaluated existing/planned charging infrastructure rollout
  • Identified and evaluated existing/planned EV introductions
  • Research existing/planned car sharing business
  • Provided an assessment of additional factors including traffic congestion, carbon emission pollution, government support, and regional demographics
  • All analysis was translated into a ranking of the cities across each region.

THE RESULT: The ranking provided by Guidehouse Insights is being used as part of a 3 year expansion plan of the client’s car sharing programs.

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