VPPs Go Global

Comparing and Contrasting Leading Virtual Power Plant Markets

Jan 21, 2020 - 2:00 PM EST
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Markets are emerging around the world for virtual power plants (VPPs) as they make progress toward integration with distributed energy resource management systems (DERMs). Going forward, the key to market maturity will rest on the shoulders of new, innovative software platforms able to marshal an ever-increasing and diverse pool of distributed energy resources (DER) assets.   

This webinar explores key VPP markets, including Japan, Australia, and countries in Europe, such as Germany and the United Kingdom. Peter Asmus, research director at Guidehouse Insights, is joined by Bud Vos, president and CEO of Enbala, and Matt Armitage, principal analyst, DER Program, at Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), to discuss the common market drivers, the unique factors encouraging the adoption of VPPs and DERMS, and why these developments are important for North American utilities and energy retailers. The webinar also discusses lessons learned that can help vendors shape future solutions for commercial and industrial customers as well as residential prosumers.

  • Definition of a VPP
  • Definition of DERMS
  • Regional market nuances in Japan, Australia, and Europe
  • VPPs and future DERMS deployments
  • How and why are VPP markets evolving?
  • Why are VPPs typically a starting point on the journey to DERMS solutions?
  • What unique barriers and opportunities exist in Japan?
  • What unique barriers and opportunities exist in Australia?
  • What unique barriers and opportunities exist in Europe?
  • What can North American market players learn from these other regions?
  • Utilities
  • Commercial and industrial customers
  • Transmission system operators
  • Distribution system operators
  • Energy storage providers
  • Smart grid software providers
  • Rooftop solar PV companies