• Smart Cities

Smart Cities Evolution: From Vision to Scale

How Cities Can Move the Metrics on Urban Challenges

Jul 31, 2019 - 2:00 PM EDT
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Sponsored By: Verizon

We are entering a critical new phase in the development of smart cities. Where the first phase focused on creating a vision, and the second on experimentation and innovation, the third phase must tackle the challenges of scale. The task is to enable proven solutions to be deployed across cities and communities to deliver real improvements against key metrics and priority outcomes. This will require a more holistic approach to the deployment of technologies and a coherent vision of the possibilities offered by the idea of the city as a service.

In this webinar, Eric Woods, research director for Smart Cities at Guidehouse Insights, led a discussion with Sean Harrington, vice president of City Solutions at Verizon; Harry LaRosiliere, mayor of Plano, Texas; and Bill Bratton, the former New York City Police Commissioner, on the evolution of smart city programs and how cities can accelerate the move to deploying effective solutions at scale. The panelists explored the challenges facing cities, how they are addressing those issues, and key steps that cities and their partners can take to accelerate the adoption of effective solutions.

  • Smart cities
  • Smart street lighting 
  • Traffic and transportation management 
  • Public safety 
  • City platforms  
  • What are the phases of smart city evolution?
  • What lessons can be learned from cities that have moved to deployment at scale?
  • How are cities addressing the financial and organizational barriers to the adoption of smart city solutions?
  • What are the most important smart city use cases?
  • How can smart city solutions improve public safety?
  • Municipalities
  • State and regional governments 
  • Law enforcement and public safety agencies
  • City service providers
  • Utilities
  • Smart city solutions providers