Navigating the Energy Transition with Virtual Power Plants

How Scalable Software Platforms Maximize Value in the Energy Cloud

Mar 09, 2021 - 2:00 PM EST
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The transition to a low-carbon energy future is well underway, but many questions and challenges remain around how to best navigate through it. Among the most important lessons learned from the past is to be nimble and flexible. These characteristics epitomize new digital platforms such as virtual power plants (VPPs), creative aggregations of diverse prosumer assets that provide essential value to asset owners, but through innovative public policies and concepts such as artificial intelligence (AI), can also offer shared value with incumbent distribution utilities and wholesale market operators. 

This Guidehouse Insights webinar will feature a virtual roundtable discussion with energy thought leaders, including Jan Vrins, leader of Guidehouse’s global Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment; Amit Narayan, CEO of AutoGrid; and Arun Majumdar, Precourt provostial chair professor at Stanford University and the former founding director of ARPA-E. The roundtable will be moderated by Peter Asmus, research director at Guidehouse Insights. 

  • The vital role strategic partnerships play in advancing innovation within an Energy Cloud ecosystem of solutions
  • The alignment of public policy and regulation with technology advances to meet net zero carbon goals 
  • The economic, social, and environmental benefits of green infrastructure investments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

  • How does an Energy Cloud ecosystem foster innovation in a world where DER technologies become the dominant new sources of diverse energy services?
  • What are VPPs and why are they the glue that holds the grid together?
  • How will FERC Order 2222 create greater opportunities for smaller prosumers to monetize DER assets, and why this is important as VPPs dig deeper into residential markets?
  • What is the difference between VPPs, microgrids, and DERMS, and why are all three of these platforms converging?
  • How are investments in green infrastructure strengthening the economy in ways that do not conflict with environmental goals such as climate change mitigation?
  • Outside of the US, which countries are the global leaders in the energy transition?
  • Energy as a service providers 
  • Government regulators
  • EV fleet owners and operators
  • Demand response aggregators
  • Retail electricity providers
  • Distribution utilities