How Local Energy Markets Benefit Distribution Utilities

Why Transactive Energy Trading Reduces Cost While Improving Reliability

Jun 14, 2022 - 4:00 AM ET / 18:00 Australian ET / 10:00 CET
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Distribution network operators (DNOs) are facing curtailment and voltage management problems as DER assets increase and cause imbalances in the grid. Among the many ways DNOs are looking to solve these issues, one cutting edge solution is local energy markets (LEMs). Working in tandem with flexibility markets, LEMs can provide power quality improvements, reductions in congestion, and deferred capital infrastructure investments. LEM platforms can operate using various technologies; the focus of this webinar will be blockchain-enabled platforms.

The panel will discuss the current challenges and DNO solutions to curtailment and voltage management; the benefits LEMS has for the grid; LEM structure and marketplace functionality; and the benefits of blockchain. The discussion will also include case studies for LEM implementation and how a blockchain platform can support flexibility and local energy markets.

  • Distribution network challenges of congestion and voltage management brought on by increased DER assets
  • An approach to supporting LEMs with existing platform and business model
  • A case study for supporting LEMs
  • Blockchain’s usefulness and benefits on an LEM platform
  • What are LEMs?
  • In what ways are distribution networks dealing with issues of curtailment and voltage management with increasing DER?
  • How can LEMs and transactive energy help solve common prevailing challenges for distribution system operators (DSO) and distribution network service providers (DNSP)?
  • What does a LEM case study entail?
  • How can blockchain-based solutions offer benefits to a local energy market?
  • DSOs and DNSPs
  • Energy aggregators
  • Regulators
  • Other emerging transactive energy vendors
  • Distributed asset owners and operators
  • DER Vendors