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Finding the ROI in Digital Transformation

How to Leverage a Solid Platform for Positive Outcomes

Jan 15, 2019 - 2:00 PM EST
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Sponsored By: OSIsoft

A robust digital platform can help companies reduce costs, increase output from capital, and improve worker safety. These goals help frame a digital transformation journey aimed at positive ROI. OSIsoft is a leading provider of a digital platform called the PI System. Numerous companies have adopted the PI System across a variety of industrial sectors, including utilities. The specific goals might vary, but the outcome of using this digital platform is to help companies solve problems by harnessing data. 

In this webinar, Neil Strother, principal research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, talked to Mike Kanellos, IoT analyst and senior manager of corporate communication at OSIsoft, Gavin Strack, director at Convergio, and Tim Alexander, brewery operations technology manager at Deschutes Brewery. The discussion focused on how companies like DCP Midstream, White House Utility District, Deschutes Brewing, Aurelia Metals, and AGL Energy have found success deploying the platform. This webinar also looked at the technical and business challenges this type of journey presents for various stakeholders.

  • Digital transformation
  • Data platforms
  • Data management
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • ROI
  • What are some of the basics of a digital transformation journey?
  • What are the platform choices involved in a digital transformation journey?
  • What are some of the drivers and inhibitors of digital transformation?
  • What are some of the features of OSIsoft’s PI System?
  • What case studies help demonstrate the potential ROI from the OSIsoft platform?
  • Corporate managers 
  • CIOs
  • Utilities
  • IT professionals
  • OT professionals
  • Platform developers
  • Regulators