Data Centers and Advanced Microgrids

Oct 24, 2017 - 2:00 PM EDT
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This webinar explores the data center’s future role in expanding commercial and industrial (C&I) microgrids—both in North America and the rest of the world. Many data centers already view themselves as protecting mission-critical functions that are fundamental to the digital economy. But they rely on inefficient asset redundancy that can often carry a large carbon footprint. Is there a better way? Yes.

Join Peter Asmus, principal research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, and Andy Haun, microgrid chief technology officer at Schneider Electric, as they explore how advanced microgrids that leverage cleaner onsite assets and the latest IT innovations to create more resilient, efficient, and sustainable networks can be part of the solution. These advanced microgrids can capture new revenue streams and transfer energy from a ledger’s cost side to its profit side. As an example of this process, Schneider Electric describes how its microgrids as a service business model can address long-standing financial barriers to innovation in a sector of the economy that sits at the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution.

  • Data center growth trends
  • C&I microgrid growth trends
  • Battery storage cost curves
  • Power outage costs for data centers
  • Cloud-based resilience initiatives
  • Data centers and renewable energy
  • Microgrids as a service business model
  • Why could many of today’s data centers be considered microgrids?
  • Why would many not be considered advanced microgrids?
  • How big is the potential data center market for advanced microgrids?
  • Why will data centers help drive the C&I microgrid market?
  • How does the microgrids as a service model address barriers to the deployment of C&I microgrids that can serve data centers?
  • Why are microgrids incorporating cleaner assets, lower cost batteries, and sophisticated software as solutions to resilience?
  • Data center owners and operators
  • Colocation data center providers
  • Small- and medium-sized data center tenants
  • Microgrid market participants
  • Battery storage vendors
  • Smart grid software providers
  • Utilities