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Capturing Value with Distributed Energy Resources Management Systems

Understanding the Value Proposition with Utilities and Vendors via Case Studies with AutoGrid

Jan 10, 2019 - 2:00 PM EST
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Distributed energy resources (DER) developments are challenging incumbent grid operating models. They require a more dynamic and flexible network with advanced communications and orchestration to ensure stability, efficiency, and balance among diverse resources. Greater visibility and control through a DER management system (DERMS) will help accommodate integrated distributed generation, demand-side management (DSM), energy storage, and energy efficiency programs, along with (advanced) distribution management systems.

To provide functional value, DERMSs need to offer solutions for a wide variety of scenarios. They must provide visibility through monitoring for real-time operations and forecasting for longer-term balancing mechanisms. These systems must also provide the control to optimize and dispatch assets in real-time. The DERMS of the future should enable real-time control of DER assets, a capability often lacking across advanced distribution management systems. This webinar explores the challenges confronted by utilities on a daily basis and examines DERMS case studies with AutoGrid’s team.

Guidehouse Insights has prepared a white paper with AutoGrid that complements the webinar. Download it for free here.

  • DER management technology overview
  • DERMS use cases and case studies, including non-wires alternatives, power quality, and resiliency and reliability
  • Insights from AutoGrid on rolling out DERMSs 
  • What is a distributed energy resources management system (DERMS)?
  • How does a DERMS optimize and control demand- and supply-side resources?
  • How do DERMSs provide grid flexibility?
  • How are utilities using DERMs?
  • What are the value propositions presented by utilizing a DERMS?
  • Utility DER program managers
  • DER system vendors
  • Systems integrators
  • Utility strategy teams
  • Energy management system vendors
  • Demand response utility program managers
  • Demand response vendors