Scott Shepard

Principal Research Analyst

Fleet Decarbonization
Scott Shepard is a principal research analyst contributing to Guidehouse Insights’ Fleet Decarbonization and Vehicle Charging solutions. He also supports the Electric Vehicles and E-Mobility solutions. In this role, he provides research and modeling capabilities to forecast vehicle adoption, infrastructure growth, and energy use, in addition to analyzing issues related to emerging road transportation technologies.

Shepard advises automakers, infrastructure developers, government agencies, and utilities on a number of transportation technology trends related to mobility, vehicle electrification and grid integration, fuels consumption, and emissions generation. Prior to joining Guidehouse Insights, Shepard worked with the Colorado Energy Office as a graduate student on EV policy analysis and design. He holds an MPA in environmental policy, management, and law from the University of Colorado Denver and a BA in history from Colorado State University.

Recent Reports

“Opportunities for VGI deployment vary significantly by location depending on the confluence of a growing PEV population, an advanced grid, penetration of renewable resources, and an encouraging grid regulatory structure.”
— Scott Shepard