Richelle Elberg

Principal Research Analyst

IoT and Connectivity
Richelle Elberg is a principal research analyst overseeing Guidehouse Insights’ IoT and Connectivity solution. She also supports the Digital Innovations, Neural Grid, and AI and Advanced Analytics solutions. Her primary focus is on holistic connectivity strategies for energy industry stakeholders in the Industry 4.0 era, including networking for applications in the power utility, oil & gas, and mining sectors. Elberg has more than 25 years of experience analyzing telecommunications and technological evolution, including an extensive background creating market and financial models and performing strategic consulting engagements and business valuations for service providers and technology vendors. She is a recognized expert in both wired and wireless technologies, including fiber network deployment and public and private wireless solutions such as unlicensed solutions, low power wide area, and 5G technologies.

Prior to joining Guidehouse Insights, Elberg served as director and senior analyst with JSI Capital Advisors, a boutique investment bank focused on the communications, digital media, and information technology industries. She has also held senior positions in analysis and management with Kagan World Media and KPMG. Elberg speaks French, Spanish, and Russian, and she is the author of three novels. She holds a BA in international business and marketing from the University of Colorado.

Recent Reports

“In a nutshell, the Neural Grid takes the world’s largest machine—the grid—and gives it a brain. In this environment, data and intelligence reside largely in the cloud, managing the intersection of generation assets and distribution networks with energy customers, buildings, transportation infrastructure, city systems, distributed energy resources assets and more.”
— Richelle Elberg