Jesse Broehl

Senior Research Analyst

Global Wind Database
Jesse Broehl is senior research analyst contributing to Guidehouse Insights’ Global Wind Database solution, with a primary focus on global wind energy markets. He is the lead author of Guidehouse Insights’ annual World Wind Energy Market Update report, which for over two decades has provided benchmarking and analysis of global wind installations by country and by all wind turbine vendors. Broehl also leads or contributes to other wind research in the areas wind turbine supply chain, offshore wind, drones for wind blade inspection, wind policy, market forecasts, and consulting engagements.

Prior to joining Guidehouse Insights, Broehl was an advisor at MAKE Consulting, providing research and market intelligence, predominantly on the North American wind energy market. In past roles, he led editorial coverage of the US and Latin American wind energy markets for Windpower Monthly magazine as its US editor. Prior to that, Broehl covered all renewable energy sectors as the managing editor of Broehl is fluent in French and holds a BA in journalism from the University of New Hampshire.
“There is a growing addressable market for data collection and analysis platforms in the existing US and broader global wind fleet because not all wind plant owners have maximized the use of such systems.”
— Jesse Broehl