4Q 2023

Year-End Lighting Market Update

Lighting Forecast Database Insights

This Analyst Insight accompanies the second edition of the Lighting Forecast Database, published in 3Q 2023. This quarter, Guidehouse Insights made several updates to the forecasts in the Database. Updated data was integrated into estimates of the illuminated area of industrial buildings, city parks & public areas, parking garages, parking lots, and roads across all global regions, which then affected forecasts of both shipments and revenue.

Estimates of average selling prices of lamps and luminaires in certain global regions were also updated, which influenced revenue projections. The updates are most prominent for industrial and outdoor end uses and for three regions: Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Europe.

This year-end review includes an in-depth look at updates to the Lighting Forecast Database, a market breakdown, market drivers and barriers, and market growth. A Market News section features updates about the most recent linear fluorescent lamp bans, the circumstances of the fall of Universal Douglas, and the rise of the Declare label for lighting.

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  • What is the overview of global lighting market over the next decade?
  • How will the market share of LEDs change by 2032?
  • Which end uses for lighting are seeing the greatest market growth?
  • What are the drivers and barriers for the lighting industry?
  • What market developments are making headlines in the lighting industry?
  • Lighting manufacturers
  • Smart hardware and software vendors
  • Lighting distributors
  • Energy efficiency advocates
  • Lighting associations
  • Investor community



Executive Summary

Market Drivers and Barriers

Market Updates

Market Breakdowns

Market Growth

Market News

Acronyms and Abbreviations

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  • Industrial Lighting Shipments: 2023-2032
  • Outdoor Lighting Shipments: 2023-2032
  • Lighting Revenue in Asia Pacific: 2023-2032
  • Lighting Revenue in Europe: 2023-2032
  • Lighting Revenue in Middle East & Africa: 2023-2032
  • Lamp Shipments by End Use: 2023-2032
  • Luminaire Shipments by End Use: 2023-2032
  • Nonresidential Lamp Shipments by Technology
  • Nonresidential Luminaire Shipments by Technology
  • Lamp Shipments by Region: 2023-2032
  • Luminaire Shipments by Region: 2023-2032
  • Brands with Declare Certified Products, October 2023
  • Market Drivers and Barriers
  • Market Growth: Lamps, 2023-2032
  • Market Growth: Luminaires, 2023-2032
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