3Q 2019


New Business Models to Capture Value in the Energy Cloud

Two fundamental societal building blocks, energy and transportation, are on the verge of upending. The rise of automated, connected, electric, and shared (ACES) transportation is rewriting long-held value chains into new business models in the emerging transportation-to-grid (T2G) platform.

In its broadest sense, the T2G platform describes the opportunities created by the electrification of transportation—from passenger vehicles to transit systems to port operations—and the electricity grid. The supporting electric charging infrastructure, along with distributed intelligent devices, software, data, and communications, adds a layer of locational flexibility (and unpredictability) that potentially unlocks value and transformative business models across the grid. Each T2G business model brings new opportunities for delivering value as well as new complexities. From utilities to automotive OEMs, market players must rethink their traditional business model approaches in energy and transportation to embrace new partners, new service offerings, and new sources of value.

This Guidehouse Insights paper explores the T2G platform and its transformative business models with a specific focus on plug-in EVs (PEVs). PEVs include plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEVs) and battery EVs (BEVs). This paper discusses four key business models—infrastructure developer, charging service provider, load orchestrator, mobility provider—that arise in the T2G platform for vehicle electrification. The global opportunities of these four business models represent an estimated $150 billion to $200 billion in annual revenue in 2028.
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  • How does society adapt to the changing opportunities in electricity and transportation as more ACES vehicles enter roadways?
  • What will be the impact on EVs of multimodal transportation options in the mobility as a service (MaaS) space?
  • What is the global revenue opportunity for the electrification business models on the T2G platform?
  • Which market players are best positioned to partner with organizations to deliver on the T2G platform?
  • Who will drive forward the next T2G platform opportunities?
  • Utilities and energy service providers
  • Global oil & gas companies
  • EVSE companies
  • Automotive OEMs
  • Investors interested in transportation
  • Investor community

1. Introduction

2. The T2G Platform: Disrupting the Transportation and Energy Value Chains

3. ACES Vehicles: The Foundation of T2G Models

4. Transportation Electrification Business Models in the T2G Platform

4.1   Infrastructure Developer

4.2   Charging Service Provider

4.3   Load Orchestrator

4.4   Mobility Provider

5. Value Stacking T2G Business Models

6. Business Model Challenges and Complexities

6.1   Evolving Platform for Key Market Players

6.2   Recommendations

7. Acronym and Abbreviation List
  • World PEV Platform Addressable Market: Annual 2028 Revenue Outlook
  • Summary of Infrastructure Developer Business Model
  • Summary of Charging Service Provider Business Model
  • Summary of Load Orchestrator Business Model
  • Summary of Mobility Provider Business Model
  • Examples of T2G Value Stacking
  • T2G Business Model Complexities and Potential Solutions