3Q 2020

The Future of AI for Smart Buildings

There is much hype surrounding the use of AI across many sectors, including commercial buildings. Vendors often tout their solutions for commercial buildings in ways that sound almost magical. But seen in its proper context, AI is simply the use of advanced computer science techniques that mimic human cognition to help solve problems, such as reducing energy consumption in a facility.

AI is already being used in some buildings, and the hype should not cloud the picture that AI can improve operations. Moreover, in this period of widespread facility shutdowns due to the COVID‑19 pandemic, AI is being evaluated more closely for its ability to support safer spaces with social distancing as the new norm. 

This report defines AI for the commercial building space. It also discusses how AI can help solve problems in commercial buildings. Several use cases demonstrate the value of AI for building owners, managers, and tenants. In addition, the report offers a roadmap for assessing and deploying AI solutions, as well as recommendations for stakeholders: overlook the hype and learn from companies already using AI; embrace AI as part of a short-term or long-term strategy; and focus on using quality data to support AI implementations.

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  • What is AI for commercial buildings?
  • What prevents AI from wider adoption in the commercial building space?
  • How can a building benefit from AI?
  • What vendors support AI for commercial buildings?
  • Is there a roadmap to help building owners and facilities managers embrace AI?
  • Intelligent or smart building software vendors
  • Intelligent building integrators
  • Intelligent building solution providers or partners
  • Utilities
  • Investor community




Understanding AI Is Key to Accelerating Adoption

AI Fuels Smart Buildings

AI Promises to Improve Commercial Spaces

Case Study: AI Shines in Action

Case Study: AI Supports Retail

Case Study: Flexibility Remains a Hallmark of AI

AI Still Faces Doubts

AI Supports Smarter Buildings

In the Near Term, AI Can Aid Buildings Reopening Post Pandemic

In the Long Term, AI Can Create Smarter, Sustainable Buildings

The Standards Gap Will Close

Stakeholders Must Embrace an AI Strategy

Guidehouse Insights Offers a Path Forward for AI and Smart Buildings

  • Branches of AI Applicable to Smart Buildings
  • BBVA Headquarters in Madrid: A Smart Facility Using AI Techniques
  • Big Box Retailer
  • Verdigris’ AI-Powered Adaptive Automation Product for Building Controls
  • Hardware, Software, and Services Spend Supporting AI and Intelligent Buildings, World Markets: 2020-2029
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