3Q 2023

The Application of Blockchain for State & Local Governments

Leveraging Revolutionary Technology to Better Serve the Community

Blockchain is an interesting new technology—offering a way to both share and protect data that has advantages over many traditional data management and security techniques. However, adoption of this technology is hindered by its overly strong association with cryptocurrency in the popular imagination. Regrettably, this association distracts from blockchain’s other use cases, many of which can be of great value to state and local governments.

Many state and local government functions involve being the “source of truth” for information, including real estate records, social services, public safety, and others. Properly implemented, blockchain technology can simultaneously provide what would normally be the competing goals of greater accessibility and better accuracy.

This Guidehouse Insights thought leadership paper offers an overview of the essential elements of blockchain technology and how it has evolved and improved in recent years. It then covers the advantages of blockchain compared with traditional database tools and how this applies within the state and local government operational environment. Next, it offers case studies of how some agencies are using blockchain today, and ends with suggestions for state and local government stakeholders on how to best plan for blockchain use in the future.

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  • What is blockchain in simple terms?
  • What are the basics of this technology?
  • Why would someone who is not interested in cryptocurrency want to know about this technology?
  • How does this technology stand apart from other data management tools?
  • What are the benefits of blockchain within the state and local government marketplace?
  • What types of organizations have started using blockchain?
  • What are the next steps for state and local government stakeholders to take advantage of blockchain?
  • State and local government agencies
  • Public information managers
  • Digital solutions providers to state and local government agencies
  • Value-added resellers that serve state and local government agencies
  • Master systems integrators

Improving Transparency and Efficiency in Government Data with Blockchain

What Is a Blockchain?

What Kinds of Data Can Blockchain Handle?

Unique and Useful Features of Blockchain for Governments

What Can Blockchain Do for State and Local Governments?

Blockchain Considerations Relevant to Governments

Examples of Blockchains in Use by Governments

Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Blockchain’s Cryptographic Hash-Based Security
  • Data Flows between Blockchain Types