3Q 2019

Sustainable Refrigerants Becoming a Differentiator in HVACR Markets

Climate Week took place September 24-30, 2019. Many issues were raised during the week’s events, but one topic did not get enough attention—refrigerants. Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants are ubiquitous in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings and automotive applications, mainly stemming from uses in air conditioning and food storage, despite bans and phaseout regulations. The global warming potential of these refrigerants is 1,000 to 14,000 times higher than that of CO2. In addition, about 60% of refrigerant-related emissions arise from routine leaks from refrigeration and air conditioning.

Multiple HVACR companies are pushing for progress on sustainable refrigerants—low global warming potential replacements to traditional refrigerant options—beyond regulatory requirements. The gap between market leaders in this field and the rest is widening and sustainable refrigerant targets and agendas are becoming a differentiator in the industry.

This Guidehouse Insights Analyst Insight report discusses this trend and how it is aligned with changing definitions of sustainability in HVACR as companies are expected to pay attention to a wide array of building decarbonization priorities. The report discusses how market leaders in refrigerants are differentiating themselves, and offers recommendations for HVACR manufacturers and vendors to play a more active role in sustainable refrigerant markets.

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  • What are the regulations driving sustainable refrigerant markets?
  • What is the impact of refrigerants on climate change and climate change mitigation?
  • Who are the HVACR market leaders in sustainable refrigerants?
  • What differentiates HVACR market leaders from the rest?
  • How is the definition of sustainability changing in HVACR?
  • What actions should HVACR manufacturers take to play a more significant role in sustainable refrigerant markets?
  • OEMs
  • HVACR technology vendors
  • HVACR manufacturers
  • Regulators and policymakers
  • Investor community




Refrigerant Management Offers Significant Opportunities for Impact

Regulations Are Driving the Sustainable Refrigerant Market

Market Leaders Recognize Opportunities for Differentiation in Refrigerant Management

The Scope of Sustainability Commitments in HVACR Is Changing

HVACR Manufacturers Must Embrace Sustainable Refrigerants

Include Refrigerants in Sustainability Commitments and Targets Through Production and Service Roadmaps

Invest in Refrigerant R&D Independently and with Partners

Develop Services or Training for Refrigerant Recovery and Destruction and Leak Monitoring and Prevention

Partner to Gather and Disseminate Knowledge

  • Top Ten Solutions to Climate Change
  • Global Refrigerant Regulations Timeline
  • Demonstrating Leadership in Sustainable Refrigerants
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