3Q 2021

Navigating the Decarbonization Journey: Success Strategies for Multinational Corporations Transitioning to a Carbon-Free Future

Decarbonization is an economic imperative for multinational corporations. Investors expect it. Regulators require it. Customers demand it. As the world moves toward a carbon-free future, corporations are no longer asking if, when, or why to decarbonize. Those answers are clear. Instead, the most urgent decarbonization question of the decade is how.

Multinational corporations understand the need to decarbonize. Now they must navigate a web of overlapping challenges to move their operation into a carbon-free future as quickly and as profitably as possible. These challenges include a lack of advanced subject matter expertise and technical proficiency to transform complex operations; a shift from traditional, linear business models to circular ones; disparate data sets that fail to offer decision-making insight; challenges in decarbonizing supply chains; and high capital requirements with long payback periods.

In this white paper, Guidehouse shares strategies and essential business principles that multinational corporations must embrace to successfully decarbonize and thrive in a low-carbon future. The decarbonization of the business world is at once a collective journey undertaken as a corporate community and an often lonely and puzzling path for individual companies. The more connected and transparent the global business environment becomes, the more agile, efficient, circular, resilient, and equitable companies across all industries can be.

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  • What are the key challenges multinational corporations face on their decarbonization journeys?
  • What are the shared success factors emerging from current decarbonization efforts?
  • How can these principles be applied to help corporations navigation decarbonization challenges?
  • Multinational corporations
  • Suppliers
  • Investors
  • Policy and regulatory decision-makers

Introductory Statement

1.0 The Onset of the Decarbonization Era

1.1   Decarbonization Challenges

1.1.2   Expertise

1.1.3   Business Model

1.1.4   Data

1.1.5   Supply Chains

1.1.6   Finance

2.0 ACCTORS: Essential Elements to Thrive in a Carbon-Free Future

3.0 Strategies for Navigating the Decarbonization Journey

3.1   Decarbonization Data

3.1.1   Case Study: An Engine Manufacturer Charts a Route to a Carbon-Free Future

3.2   Supply Chain Decarbonization

3.2.1   Case Study: McCormick & Company Supplier Engagement Program

3.3   Financing Decarbonization

3.3.1   Case Study: Logistics Provider Advances Decarbonization with Unconventional Financing

4.0 Preparing for an Interconnected, Carbon-Free Future

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