4Q 2019

Master Systems Integrators Catalyzing Intelligent Building Transformation

Buildings systems are growing in complexity to meet the rapidly changing demands of occupants and to maximize operational efficiency. To achieve these goals, building managers are deploying Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. As the adoption of smart building solutions becomes more prevalent, use of these technologies is key to securing operational and strategic advantages in the market. Despite the increased availability and adoption of these technologies, management and integration of the IT and operational technology (OT) aspects of building systems have not changed in response.

As buildings become more digital, building managers turn to master systems integrators (MSIs) to ensure the efficient operation of building systems and derive value from the increasingly rich data generated from building’s IT systems. MSIs are different from other building systems service providers in that they integrate domain expertise across IT and operational technology (OT) systems to advise clients on building management strategy, deploy solutions, and provide continuing support, effectively acting as an outsourced branch of a building’s facilities management service.

This Guidehouse Insights Strategy Insight report outlines the role and services MSIs provide. This report also discusses the trends driving the demand for MSIs and gives current service providers potential pathways to expand their capabilities to become MSIs. The report provides insight into six types of market players, including strengths and areas for growth.
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  • What are master systems integrators (MSIs)?
  • What are the evolving trends in the building services market that have led to the emergence of the MSI?
  • What services do MSIs provide?
  • What strategic and operational advantages do MSIs provide to building managers and real estate managers?
  • What are the various types of service providers in the building services market?
  • What are potential avenues for growth for each type of service provider?
  • Building managers
  • Real estate managers
  • Systems integrators
  • IT consultants
  • Real estate advisory firms
  • Building contractors
  • Building automation and control systems integrators
  • Investor community




Master Systems Integrators Emerging to Meet Integration Needs

What Are MSIs?

Trends Driving Demand for MSIs

Aging Facility Management Decreases Ability to Maintain Operations

IT Knowledge Gaps Are Inefficient for Facilities Management Professionals 

Customers Demand Technology-Enhanced Experiences

MSIs Offer Strategic and Operational Advantages 

MSIs Influence Current Building Systems Contractors

The Building Systems Market Is Fragmented

Assessing the Capabilities of Providers in the Building Services Market

Electrical and Mechanical Contractors

IT Consultants

Real Estate Advisory Firms

Building Automation and Control Systems Integrators

IT Systems Integrators

Niche Consultants

Build an MSI Business Organically

Break Down Silos

Change Talent Building Processes

Create New Customer Engagement Strategies

Scale and Expand Service Offerings Through Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, and Strategic Partnerships

Acquire New Capabilities and Expand Geographies 

Joint Ventures Supplement Resource Deployment

Strategic Partnerships Give Service Providers Domain Access

Conduct Effective Change Management

Promote a Culture of Innovation

Invest in Customer and Partner Relationships

  • MSI Domain Expertise
  • Building Systems Services Market Classification 
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