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Mapping and Routing Advances Support the Transition to EVs and Automated Vehicles

Mapping and routing services have become nearly ubiquitous in transportation, used by drivers, bikers, and even pedestrians. Originally seen as a luxury option for certain vehicles, mapping and routing software is now built into nearly every smartphone by default. However, as EVs and automated vehicles (AVs) begin to penetrate the light duty vehicle (LDV) market, the importance of this technology is starting to be seen in a new light.

Guidehouse Insights predicts that by 2035, 61% of LDVs sold will be battery EVs and 45% of new LDVs will have a system that includes a camera, radar, and lidar. EVs and AVs will be the standard sooner than most might expect. As market penetration advances, the need for mapping and routing services specifically geared toward these segments becomes clear.

This Guidehouse Insights report analyzes the market trends for EVs, AVs, and mapping and routing services. It discusses how the technology stack for mapping and routing can be used to increase convenience and alleviate range anxiety for EV drivers. It also explores how the creation of detailed high definition (HD) maps enables the development of consumer AVs. The report ends with recommendations for OEMs and software developers in each of these segments to prepare them for a future where most cars sold are both an EV and an AV.

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  • What advances have occurred in the mapping and routing space?
  • What mapping and routing technologies are necessary for EV and AV adoption?
  • What mapping and routing companies have made services exclusively for EVs?
  • How can routing technology alleviate range anxiety for EV drivers?
  • Which companies have been at the forefront of mapping and routing for AVs?
  • What is the necessity of HD maps in the AV space?
  • Light duty vehicle manufacturers
  • Urban robotaxi operators
  • EV manufacturers
  • Mapping providers
  • Routing engine developers
  • OEM acquisitions specialists
  • Vehicle sensor manufacturers
  • Charge point operators




EVs with ADAS Are Becoming the Standard LDV



Mapping and Routing Technology

EVs and AVs Require Specific Mapping and Routing Considerations

EV Mapping and Routing

Current Service Offerings

AV Mapping and Routing

Current Service Offerings

OEMs and Service Providers Need to Prepare for the Future

EV OEMs Should Make Mapping and Routing a Core Part of Their Service Offerings

LDV OEMs Should Be Creating HD Maps

Mapping and Routing Companies Need to Supplement Their Offerings

  • Annual LDV Deployment by ADAS Classification, 2023-2035
  • LDV Sales by Powertrain, World Markets: 2021-2035
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