1Q 2020

Intelligent Buildings Drive Energy Savings to Meet Climate Goals

The growing concern around climate change led to the Paris Agreement in 2016, where 175 parties agreed to address climate change through a reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, despite initially signing the Paris Agreement, the US officially withdrew in November 2019. City and state governments are addressing climate change locally, creating their own decarbonization and sustainability goals.

As a key contributor to GHG emissions, the building sector is primed to play a pivotal role in overall emission reductions and reaching these goals. Given the large share of GHG emissions from the buildings sector, cities will not succeed in reaching their targets without implementing aggressive policies. Energy efficiency is a critical step, and the buildings market is made more desirable by the addition of intelligent building solutions that allow for further insights and analytics into the built environment.

This Analyst Insight report from Guidehouse Insights explores the role of city and state governments in addressing climate change. This report explores how layering energy efficient systems and intelligent building solutions can lead to the achievement of the ambitious goals laid out by cities and states. It also provides recommendations for intelligent building vendors so that intelligent building solutions play a pivotal role in cities and states reaching their GHG emission reduction targets and sustainability mandates.

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  • How are cities and states addressing climate action?
  • What are example climate action and decarbonization plans?
  • How do buildings fit into sustainability initiatives?
  • What is the role of intelligent building solutions in reaching state and city climate goals?
  • What are recommendations to enable local governments to reach sustainability mandates?
  • Local governments
  • Building system vendors
  • Building owners and managers
  • Lighting control organizations
  • International funding agencies
  • Private financial institutions
  • Investment community




Cities and States Create Local Climate Goals Despite Lack of Federal Legislation

New Jersey Takes Stand with New Energy Master Plan

Cities Produce Aggressive Sustainability Targets

Digital Building Will Play a Critical Role in Sustainability Goals

Energy Efficient Systems Provide a Starting Point

Automation and Digitization Provide Success for Ambitious Goals

Decarbonized Cities Create a Financial Incentive

Vendors Must Embrace City and State Climate Goals

Vendors Must Focus on Cost-Effective Solutions to Remain Relevant

It Is Essential for Vendors to Address Market Barriers for Intelligent Building Solutions

Partnerships Are a Necessity to Guarantee Accomplishment

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