4Q 2018

Harnessing Wind Turbine Optimization to Unlock Hidden Revenue

An increasingly competitive and lucrative market is underway in the wind energy sector. Major wind turbine OEMs are combining software and hardware to unlock increased annual energy production (AEP) from the vast fleet of aging operational wind turbines. A wealth of cumulative engineering expertise has been gained over decades of wind turbine design and deployment. OEMs have thus developed larger and more efficient wind turbines that operate at higher capacity factors and produce higher AEP than older turbines.

Some of the wind turbine controls advances deployed on the newest wind turbines installed today can be retroactively applied to older generation wind turbines. Thousands of wind turbines that have more than a decade to continue operating and providing wind plant owners with additional revenue can benefit from these advances. Wind turbine OEMs are developing common concepts and applications for wind turbine optimization, though not all aging wind turbines present the same opportunities.

This Guidehouse Insights report examines the range of wind turbine optimization services offered by the top wind turbine OEMs in the US and determines which platforms are key targets and which may have limitations. It focuses on GE Renewable Energy, Vestas, and Siemens Gamesa since those companies account for most of the wind turbines operational in the US during 2018. The study provides recommendations for wind plant owners and wind turbine OEMs on evaluating and implementing optimization services for wind turbines. Guidehouse Insights also provides estimates of the addressable market for turbine optimization services using the US as a case study. 

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  • What is wind turbine optimization and why is it growing quickly as a service?
  • What optimization solutions are available from the top wind turbine OEMs in the US?
  • Which turbine platforms are the best candidates for optimization services?
  • What is the addressable market for wind turbine optimization services in the US?
  • Why do different aging wind turbines present different opportunities for optimization?
  • How should wind plant owners evaluate and implement wind turbine optimization?
  • Wind turbine manufacturers
  • Wind power plant owners
  • Data analytics vendors
  • Condition monitoring equipment manufacturers
  • Wind turbine component suppliers
  • Government agencies, policymakers, and researchers
  • Investor community





Turbine OEMs Are Accelerating Turbine Optimization Efforts

GE’s Wind Turbine Optimization Services Offerings

Vestas’ Wind Turbine Optimization Services Offerings

Siemens Gamesa’s Wind Turbine Optimization Services Offerings

One Potential Drawback to the Energy Thrust Offerings

Not All Aging Wind Turbines Present the Same Opportunities

Mergers and Acquisitions Can Hide Turbine Capacity Vintages

GE Renewable Energy


Siemens Gamesa


What Does Guidehouse Insights Recommend?

Wind Plant Owners Should Evaluate and Implement Turbine Optimization

Turbine OEMs Need to Better Communicate Their Optimization Offerings

Turbine OEMs Need to Offer Optimization Services If They Do Not Already

Optimization Opens the Door for More Lucrative Full Service O&M

Large Owners of Wind Plants Can Evaluate In-Sourced Optimization

  • Cumulative Capacity of Operational Wind Turbines, US: 1981-2018
  • Cumulative Capacity of Operational Wind Turbines by OEM, US: As of 2H 2018
  • Cumulative Capacity of Operational Wind Fleet by OEM, US: 1998-2018
  • Wind Turbine Optimization Definitions
  • Cumulative Capacity of Operational Wind Fleet by OEM, US: 1981-2018