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Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard: Utility-Scale Energy Storage Systems Integrators

Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 13 Utility-Scale Energy Storage Systems Integrators

The utility-scale energy storage (UES) market has grown increasingly competitive since 2018. With cumulative UES deployment revenue projected to exceed $188 billion by 2029, the market represents a significant opportunity. Driven largely by the increasing use of solar and wind generation, interest is mounting in energy storage to maintain grid stability and increase efficiency by allowing nonessential fossil fuel power plants to close. In this environment, UES is considered a key component of new power system planning efforts in countries around the world, representing a major shift from 2018 when the technology was still largely considered too expensive or complex for integration into energy markets. As the market matures, the role of utility-scale energy storage systems integrators (UESSIs) has become the key position in the value chain for ensuring that projects are successfully built and that they become profitable.

Although several competing UES technologies with differing characteristics are matched for certain applications, battery energy storage systems (ESSs) are emerging as the leading technology globally for new projects. Thus, this Leaderboard is focused on battery technologies and the companies responsible for their integration. There are three additional criteria that companies in the market must meet to be included in this report. First, UESSI companies must have a pure‑play focus on the UES systems market, referring to larger projects installed on the transmission and distribution (T&D) grid. Second, UESSI companies included in this report have all been active with projects integrated since 2018. Finally, companies included all have UES projects in more than one country.

This Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard evaluates the Strategy and Execution of 13 UESSIs. Using Guidehouse Insights’ proprietary Leaderboard methodology, vendors are profiled, rated, and ranked to provide industry participants with an objective assessment of these companies’ relative strengths and weaknesses in the global market for UES integration. These companies are rated on 12 criteria: vision; go-to-market strategy; partners; production strategy; technology; geographic reach; sales, marketing, and distribution; product performance; product quality and reliability; product portfolio; pricing; and staying power.

Top 10 Vendors
  1. Fluence
  2. Tesla
  3. RES
  4. Powin Energy
  5. Nidec ASI
  6. Con Edison Battery Storage
  7. Wärtsilä Energy Storage & Optimisation
  8. NextEra Energy Resources
  9. LG CNS
  10. General Electric Energy Storage
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  • Which companies are the leading global vendors for energy storage systems?
  • How are the backgrounds of leading energy storage system vendors affecting their offerings?
  • Which energy storage systems integrators are poised to scale?
  • Which energy storage systems integrators have differentiated offers in the market?
  • What are the key differences between various energy storage systems integrators?
  • What are the strategies used by different energy storage systems integrators?
  • Energy storage developers and independent power producers
  • Renewable energy development financing companies
  • Smart grid controls and software companies
  • Inverter and other balance of system vendors
  • Government and regulatory agencies
  • Utilities
  • Investor community
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • IoT companies
  • Energy storage integrators
  • Battery storage aggregators
  • Energy storage integrators

1. Executive Summary

1.1   Market Introduction

1.2   The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid

2. Market Overview

2.1   Introduction

2.2   Market Trends

3. The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard

3.1   The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Categories

3.1.1   Leaders

3.1.2   Contenders

3.1.3   Challengers


3.2   The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid

4. Company Rankings

4.1   Leaders

4.1.1   Fluence

4.1.2   Tesla

4.1.3   RES

4.1.4   Powin Energy

4.1.5   Nidec ASI

4.1.6   Con Edison Battery Storage

4.1.7   Wärtsilä Energy Storage & Optimisation

4.2   Contenders

4.2.1   NextEra Energy Resources

4.2.2   LG CNS

4.2.3   General Electric Energy Storage

4.2.4   Doosan GridTech

4.2.5   Aggreko

4.3   Challengers

4.3.1   ENGIE Storage

5. Acronym and Abbreviation List

6. Table of Contents

7. Table of Charts and Figures

8. Scope of Study and Methodology

8.1   Scope of Study

8.2   Sources and Methodology

8.2.1   Vendor Selection

8.2.2   Ratings Scale   Score Calculations

8.2.3   Criteria Definitions   Strategy   Execution

  • Annual Installed UES Power Capacity and Deployment Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2020-2029
  • The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid
  • Fluence Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Tesla Strategy and Execution Scores
  • RES Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Powin Energy Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Nidec ASI Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Con Edison Battery Storage Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Wärtsilä Energy Storage & Optimisation Strategy and Execution Scores
  • NextEra Energy Resources Strategy and Execution Scores
  • LG CNS Strategy and Execution Scores
  • General Electric Energy Storage Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Doosan GridTech Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Aggreko Strategy and Execution Scores
  • ENGIE Storage Strategy and Execution Scores
  • The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Overall Scores
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