1Q 2022

Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard: Remote Microgrid Players

Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 12 Companies

Remote microgrids, which typically operate in island mode on a 24/7 basis, need to be robust systems given that they are often operating in regions of extreme heat or cold and are constructed far from usual supply chains. They also tend to feature the greatest diversity of renewable resources of any other market segment by virtue of locations in remote regions blessed by ample sun, wind, water, or other resources, including geothermal.

Representing 45% of existing microgrid capacity worldwide, these remote systems are where the microgrid industry began. They are arguably where some of the greatest innovation is being nurtured on technology, business models, and modularity. In short, this is the primary microgrid market worldwide, with literally hundreds of companies globally vying for a piece of the implementation spending pie.

This Guidehouse Insights report profiles and ranks 12 leading companies on their strategy for gaining market success specifically within this microgrid segment. Along with scores on strategy, which encompasses metrics on partners, business model innovation, and value chain capture, companies are then also ranked on how they have executed on these strategies. Metrics in this execution ranking include data on product quality and reliability, controls approaches, and project portfolio.

Top 10 Vendors
  • Hitachi Energy
  • Optimal Power Solutions
  • Husk Power
  • Schneider Electric
  • Canopy Power
  • Caterpillar
  • Trama TecnoAmbiental
  • PowerGen Renewable Energy
  • OMC Power
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  • What are the major drivers for remote microgrids?
  • What are some of the major barriers to widespread deployments?
  • How fast and how lucrative is the remote microgrid market?
  • Who are market leaders in this space?
  • Which companies show the greatest potential for emerging as tomorrow’s leaders? 
  • Microgrid developers
  • Digital platform providers
  • Foundations and other NGOs
  • Energy storage purveyors
  • Solar PV manufacturers
  • Investor community 

1. Executive Summary

1.1    Market Introduction

1.2    The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid

2. Market Overview

2.1    Remote Microgrids Definition

2.1.1   Remote Microgrid Player Trends

2.2    Market Drivers

2.2.1   Diesel Fuel Consumption Reductions

2.2.2   Declining Costs of Key Microgrid-Enabling Technologies

2.2.3   Direct Current Offerings Increasing in Diversity and Scale

2.2.4   Net-Zero Goals in Key Emerging Economies

2.3    Market Barriers

2.3.1   Subsidies that Support the Status Quo

2.3.2   Energy Theft

2.3.3   Lack of International Standards Targeting Remote Applications

2.3.4   The Logistics of Remote Power Systems

2.4    Market Trends

2.4.1   Energy as a Service Business Models

2.4.2   Plug-and-Play Modular Microgrids

2.4.3   Remote Microgrid Segments    Commodity Extraction    Physical Islands    Village Electrification

3. The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard

3.1    The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Categories

3.1.1   Leaders

3.1.2   Contenders

3.1.3   Challengers


3.2    The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid

4. Company Rankings

4.1    Leaders

4.1.1   Hitachi Energy

4.2    Contenders

4.2.1   Optimal Power Solutions

4.2.2   Husk Power

4.2.3   Schneider Electric

4.2.4   Canopy Power

4.2.5   Caterpillar

4.2.6   Trama TecnoAmbiental

4.2.7   ENGIE

4.2.8   PowerGen Renewable Energy

4.2.9   OMC Power

4.3    Challengers

4.3.1   Tata Power

4.3.2   BoxPower

5. Acronym and Abbreviation List

6. Table of Contents

7. Table of Charts and Figures

8. Scope of Study and Methodology

8.1    Scope of Study

8.2    Sources and Methodology

8.2.1   Vendor Selection

8.2.2   Ratings Scale    Score Calculations

8.2.3   Criteria Definitions    Strategy    Execution

  • The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid
  • Remote Microgrid Capacity and Implementation Spending by Region, World Markets: 2022-2031
  • Hitachi Energy Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Optimal Power Solutions Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Husk Power Systems Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Schneider Electric Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Canopy Power Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Caterpillar Strategy and Execution Scores
  • TTA Strategy and Execution Scores
  • ENGIE Strategy and Execution Scores
  • PowerGen Renewable Energy Strategy and Execution Scores
  • OMC Power Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Tata Power Strategy and Execution Scores
  • BoxPower Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Remote Microgrid Value Chain Components
  • Annual Remote Microgrid Capacity by Region, World Markets: 2022-2031
  • Annual Remote Microgrid Implementation Spending by Region, World Markets: 2022-2031
  • The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Overall Scores
  • Vendor Scores
  • Vendor Scores on Strategy Criteria
  • Vendor Scores on Execution Criteria
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