1Q 2021

Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard: Home Energy Management Providers

Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 15 Home Energy Management Solutions Providers

Home energy management (HEM) is a broad market of technologies and services with the primary purpose of providing information for homeowners to better manage and control their home energy consumption and production. Energy management has become an essential part of the digitization of the home, particularly for those who have invested in smart homes, acquired distributed energy resources (DER), or participated in power generation programs such as virtual power plants (VPP).

The information on energy use and production can come from monitors installed within the residence or be derived from smart meter reads. When the local utility works with an HEM vendor to analyze the usage information to prepare home energy reports, the utility is also able to obtain information that enables customer engagement (CE) programs to create highly customized programs. Such programs dramatically improve customer satisfaction scores, lower costs, and provide the data needed for demand side management (DSM) programs that assist in the transition to more renewable energy.

This Guidehouse Insights report discusses various types of software platform and energy monitoring providers, reflecting rapid market maturation, technology evolution, and the entrance of several new and significant competitors. This Leaderboard examines the Strategy and Execution of 15 companies that offer software-based HEM solutions. These players are rated on 12 criteria: vision; go-to-market strategy; partners; technology; geographic reach; sales, marketing, and distribution; product performance; product quality and reliability; product portfolio; pricing; and staying power. Using Guidehouse Insights’ proprietary Leaderboard methodology, vendors are profiled, rated, and ranked with the goal of providing industry participants with an objective assessment of these companies’ relative strengths and weaknesses in the global HEM market.


Top Vendors

  1. Oracle
  2. Uplight
  3. Bidgely
  4. Apogee Interactive
  5. GreenCom Networks
  6. Sense
  7. Aclara
  8. Powerley
  9. tiko
  10. Schneider Electric
  11. Elevation Energy Solutions
  12. Emporia Energy
  13. Smappee
  14. Generac Power Systems
  15. Blue Line Innovations
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  • What are the drivers and barriers shaping the HEM market?
  • What types of companies are included and excluded from this Leaderboard report?
  • Which companies are the Leaders in the HEM market and why?
  • Which companies are the Contenders and Challengers and why?
  • How are the HEM software platform providers ranked?
  • Home energy management (HEM) software platform providers
  • Energy monitor manufacturing companies
  • Energy suppliers and utilities
  • Community power
  • Solar panel and home energy storage systems installers
  • Investor community

1. Executive Summary

1.1   Market Introduction

1.2   The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid

2. Market Overview

2.1   Market Definition

2.2   Market Drivers

2.3   Market Barriers

2.4   Market Trends

3. The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard

3.1   The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Categories

3.1.1   Leaders

3.1.2   Contenders

3.1.3   Challengers


3.2   The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid

4. Company Rankings

4.1   Leaders

4.1.1   Oracle

4.1.2   Uplight

4.1.3   Bidgely

4.2   Contenders

4.2.1   Apogee Interactive

4.2.2   GreenCom Networks

4.2.3   Sense

4.2.4   Aclara

4.2.5   Powerley

4.2.6   tiko

4.2.7   Schneider Electric

4.2.8   Elevation Energy Solutions

4.3   Challengers

4.3.1   Emporia Energy

4.3.2   Smappee

4.3.3   Generac Power Systems

4.3.4   Blue Line Innovations

5. Acronym and Abbreviation List

6. Table of Contents

7. Table of Charts and Figures

8. Scope of Study and Methodology

8.1   Scope of Study

8.2   Sources and Methodology

8.2.1   Vendor Selection

8.2.2   Ratings Scale   Score Calculations

8.2.3   Criteria Definitions   Strategy   Execution

  • HEM Solutions Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2021-2030
  • The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid
  • Oracle Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Uplight Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Bidgely Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Apogee Interactive Strategy and Execution Scores
  • GreenCom Networks Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Sense Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Aclara Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Powerley Strategy and Execution Scores
  • tiko Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Schneider Electric Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Elevation Energy Solutions Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Emporia Energy Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Smappee Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Generac Power Systems Strategy and Execution Scores
  • Blue Line Innovations Strategy and Execution Scores
  • HEM Solutions Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2021-2030
  • The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Overall Scores
  • Vendor Scores
  • Vendor Scores on Strategy Criteria
  • Vendor Scores on Execution Criteria
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