2Q 2022

Expanding the Market for Home Robots Beyond Smart Vacuums

Despite optimistic forecasts about home robots and product launches from prestigious high-tech companies and start-ups, the market for robots in the home has had limited success. The most successful application for home robots has been the robotic floor sweeper. Related products, like robotic lawn mowers and robotic pool cleaners, have delivered only modest revenue at this point. Robotic toys have had limited lifespans before being withdrawn from the market and few humanoid robot form factors have made it past the demonstration phase.

However, with the success of at least one home robot application and the growth of others, hope is high for more applications in the future. The technology embedded in robotic vacuums enables other home robot categories. In addition to home maintenance, some robots are useful for consumers who need help carrying items, for food preparation, and for home healthcare. Some social robots offer physical responses that complement verbal interactions and can be customized for specific customer segments like children, the elderly, and individuals with special needs. A new and interesting category is robots designed to enhance smart home functionality by bringing a voice-activated speaker closer to the user, offering a moveable security camera, and providing social engagement options.

This Guidehouse Insights report explores the status of the myriad applications for robots in the home, examines the implications for the adoption of home robot applications, and looks at factors that will likely affect smart home adoption.

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  • What are, and are not home robots?
  • Which home robotic applications are popular today?
  • Which home robotic applications are possible and which are unlikely?
  • What are the next, most likely applications for home robots?
  • What are some less likely uses for home robots?
  • How do home robots enhance smart homes?
  • Who can home robots help, including social robots?
  • Robotics hardware manufacturers

  • Robotics platform manufacturers

  • Smart home sensor and module manufacturers

  • Smart home connectivity vendors

  • Home security service providers.

  • Consumer electronics manufacturers




What Makes a Domestic Device a Home Robot?

What Makes up the Smart Home?

Interest in Acquiring Home Robots Is Enduring

What People Want from Home Robots

Home Robot Applications Offered in the Marketplace

Home Maintenance Robots Assist with Undesirable Tasks

Robots Speed Food Preparation

Robots Supplement Security Monitoring

Home Healthcare Robots Help People Live Better and More Independent Lives

Social Robots Enhance the Emotional Well-Being of People at Home

Home Robots Fall into Several Marketplace Categories

The Marketplace for Home Robots Is Challenging

The Home Robot Market Involves Some Successes and Many Failures

Related Technological Developments Affect the Adoption of Home Robots

Technology that Affects Robots Has Improved in Recent Years

Several Technological Issues Are Associated with Home Robots

Valuing the Use of Home Robots Can Be Complicated

To Achieve Success, Carefully Consider the Go-to-market Issues for Home Robots

Sales Channel-optimized Robot Product Development

Price-oriented Robot Product Development

Robot as a Service Pricing Model

Serve Niches Rather than Create a Robotic Platform

What Are the Best Prospects for Home Robots?

General Considerations for the Home Robotics Marketplace

Continued Growth for Home Maintenance Robots Is Likely

Cooking with Food Preparation Robots Continues to be a Niche Application

Security Monitoring Robots Have the Potential to Grow

Improving Outcomes with Home Healthcare Robots Will Flourish

Providing Emotional Support with Social Robots Is Likely to Mature

Smart Home Robots Will Differentiate Smart Home Offerings

  • A Smart Home Is Composed of Many Devices and Sensors
  • Applications for Home Robots
  • Home Robot Applications
  • Home Robot Applications and the Technology Obstacles to Achieving Greater Value
  • Home Robot Applications and the Value Relative to Alternatives
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