1Q 2019

Emerging EaaS Solutions for C&I Customers of the Future

The global electric power industry is facing a transformational shift from centralized generation toward a more decentralized grid with two-way energy flows. This emerging mix of energy efficiency and beyond energy efficiency distributed energy resources (DER) technologies and smart grid solutions is disrupting traditional utility models while creating new opportunities for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers.

Corporate C&I energy and sustainability managers are looking for cost-effective, customized, and comprehensive energy solutions that can guarantee energy savings without CAPEX to meet their sustainability and operational efficiency needs. Meanwhile, vendors are introducing a broader set of portfoliowide, sector-specific technical, financing, and business model options beyond fee-for-service energy efficiency that require customer CAPEX. This broader set of financed energy efficiency and beyond energy efficiency DER technologies is defining how new energy as a service (EaaS) solutions will be deployed across various C&I segments.

This Guidehouse Insights report analyzes emerging financed EaaS solutions for C&I energy users. The study provides an analysis of the financing options and business models that support C&I energy user needs, EaaS opportunities for C&I energy users, and other market considerations. Six leading asset classes and three major industry segments are discussed, and a ranking of portfolio factors is provided. The report also gives recommendations for stakeholders in EaaS.

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  • What are financed energy as a service (EaaS) solutions that provide an alternative to CAPEX for commercial and industrial (C&I) energy users?
  • Will new segment-specific EaaS solutions guarantee energy and cost reductions?
  • What factors will C&I energy users consider when deciding whether to deploy financed EaaS solutions over CAPEX?
  • Which key energy management and portfolio factors influence C&I energy users across individual C&I segments?
  • How can utilities, energy suppliers, EaaS solutions providers, and technology manufacturers work together to deliver software platforms?
  • Energy services companies
  • Commercial and industrial (C&I) energy and sustainability managers
  • EaaS solutions providers and technology manufacturers
  • Utility-scale renewable energy project developers and buyers
  • Distributed energy resources (DER) and demand response (DR) technology manufacturers
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) project developers
  • Microgrid project developers, systems integrators, and financiers
  • Investor community




Energy as a Service Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Energy Users Have Arrived

C&I Customers Look to New Segment-Specific EaaS Solutions to Guarantee Energy and Cost Reductions

Financed EaaS Solutions Provide an Alternative to CAPEX

Choosing Financed EaaS Solutions Over CAPEX Depends on Key Factors

New EaaS Financing Options and Business Models Support C&I Energy User Needs

Foundational EaaS Financing Asset Classes Have Emerged

New Financing Asset Classes Enable New EaaS Business Models

Pure-Play EaaS Solutions Provider

Bundled EaaS Solutions Provider

Sale Leaseback Arrangements

Outsourced Managed Energy Services Agreement Public Private Partnerships

Integrated Facilities Management and EaaS Solutions

EaaS Solutions and Business Models Will Vary Across Industry Segments

Predicting EaaS Opportunities for C&I Energy User Segments

Small Commercial Properties

Large Commercial Properties

Industrial Facilities

Energy Management and Portfolio Factors Influence EaaS Decision-Making

Ranking the Factors Affecting EaaS Decision-Making by Segment

Ranking Criteria

Small Commercial Properties Segment Ranking

Large Commercial Properties Segment Ranking

Industrial Facilities Segment Ranking

Guidance for Stakeholders Moving Forward

Stakeholders Must Work Together to Understand EaaS Decision-Making Factors

Stakeholders Must Work Together to Deliver Software Platforms for Different C&I Segment Needs

DER Project Financiers Need to Develop C&I Cross-Segment Financing Options

C&I Energy Users Should Build Understanding of Financing Options

  • Overview of Favorable C&I EaaS Factors
  • Small Commercial EaaS Favorability Ranking
  • Large Commercial EaaS Favorability Ranking
  • Industrial Facilities EaaS Favorability Ranking
  • Overview of EaaS Project Finance Asset Classes
  • Overview of Small Commercial Properties
  • Overview of Large Commercial Properties
  • Overview of Industrial Facilities
  • Overview of C&I EaaS Energy Management Ranking Criteria
  • Overview of C&I EaaS Portfolio Ranking Criteria
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