4Q 2021

Ecosystem Strategy for Networked Buildings: Making Platform Strategies Work

Intelligent building and smart home solutions have developed independent of energy provider relationships. However, the energy transition is expanding market offerings to provide customers with greater choice and flexibility. No longer will customers be limited by a one-way source of power—rather, they are seeking an increased relationship between all stakeholders. 

The evolution beyond siloed offerings and alignment with new priorities such as resilience, flexibility, and sustainability position the market to shift to new business models. These models can address this changing landscape and provide customers with tailored solutions and a trusted partnership with vendors and utilities. Building-to-grid (B2G), an emerging platform, is positioned to provide customers with the ability to create digital, future-ready buildings that use technology to coordinate building operations with other onsite distributed energy resources (DER) such as solar, storage, or EV charging infrastructure and the grid. 

This Guidehouse Insights report defines B2G as a platform for networked building solutions and how these solutions are enabled by grid-interactive energy efficient buildings (GEBs). This report highlights the B2G value proposition across various stakeholder groups and discusses perceived barriers to market growth, new competitive landscape dynamics, and key recommendations for stakeholders. 

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  • What is B2G?
  • What is the B2G value proposition? 
  • What are barriers for B2G market growth? 
  • What are aspects of the new competitive landscape dynamics? 
  • What are indicators of future market maturation? 
  • What are pathways to success for vendors? 
  • Building automation and controls vendors 
  • ESCOs 
  • Utilities
  • Building system manufacturers 
  • Real estate owners 
  • Investor community 

Executive Summary

Defining Networked Building Platforms: Building-to-Grid

B2G Platforms Are Enabled by GEBs

B2G Value Proposition Cuts Across Stakeholder Groups

Perceived Barriers to Market Growth

B2G Provides New Competitive Landscape Dynamics

Stakeholder Ecosystem Potential

Indicators of Future Market Maturation

B2G Provides Multiple Pathways to Success for Vendors

Key Recommendations

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Resources and Contact

  • The Energy Cloud
  • Residential GEB Example
  • Commercial GEB Example
  • Stakeholder Value Matrix
  • Key Market Dynamics
  • Stakeholder Ecosystem Potential
  • B2G Journey
  • Build, Buy, and Partner Strategy Benefits and Challenges