3Q 2020

Ecosystem Strategy for Networked Buildings: Achieving Growth through Uncertainty

The coronavirus pandemic has launched a new era of uncertainty. The sustained public health threats have obliterated paradigms for business as usual. Myriad regulations and incentives create complexity in the path to recovery and foreshadow a period of disruption from compounding and interrelated forces. Global infrastructure will face continuous tests of resilience and flexibility as public health crises, natural disasters, and civil unrest become commonplace. This ongoing uncertainty and disruption motivates a reimagination of the built environment as a new asset class of infrastructure.

For technology and service providers seeking opportunity in the emerging networked buildings ecosystem, consider these questions: How are you evolving to meet the changing needs of your customers? How do you partner with them to meet their challenging economic, social, and business goals? How do you pivot to protect and grow market share and remain competitive?

This report outlines a framework to capitalize on opportunity and sheds a positive viewpoint on how the application of enabling technologies and services in a networked building ecosystem construct can deliver expansive benefits across the value chain.

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  • How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the outlook for smart building technologies?
  • What is the pathway forward from today’s smart buildings market? 
  • How is the competitive landscape for building technologies changing?
  • What are the biggest accelerators and inhibitors for integrated smart building solutions?
  • What makes a networked building different than other commercial buildings?
  • Building automation and controls vendors
  • Electric utilities
  • ESCOs
  • Building system manufacturers
  • Real estate owners
  • Investor community

Executive Summary

An Evolving Reality for Customers

From Smart Systems to a Networked Building Ecosystem

Ecosystem Interactions

Accelerators and Inhibitors to an Emerging Ecosystem

Accelerating an Evolution of the Smart Buildings Market

Pressures to Shift Strategy and Remain Competitive

Pivot and Expand

Redefine the Sales Approach

Competition for Market Share


  • Ecosystem Interactions
  • Accelerators and Inhibitors to an Emerging Ecosystem
  • Lighting as a Service Relative Revenue Potential: 2020-2025
  • Luminaires Relative Revenue Potential: 2020-2025
  • Networked Buildings Solution Approach