2Q 2020

Capturing Emerging Opportunities in the Hydrogen Distribution and Storage Market

Hydrogen has been a key commodity in industry for decades but is now being explored and utilized in other applications such as power generation, transportation, and heating. Momentum for a new era of the hydrogen economy is building, especially as green hydrogen is becoming more cost-effective and being seen as a potential significant contributor toward decarbonization of the energy sector. 

Despite this, there are key points across the value chain that need addressing if hydrogen is to scale up and couple sectors together. Presently, transportation and storage of hydrogen are limited to several commercially viable technologies and processes, do not have clear regulations, and remain small in scale compared with other industrial gases such as natural gas. This report discusses the market trends that are occurring in the hydrogen infrastructure space, primarily focusing on transportation and storage of the alternative fuel. 

This Guidehouse Insights report analyzes the developing hydrogen economy and relevant infrastructure. The study examines the current state of hydrogen transportation and storages and identifies areas where improvement is possible and needed to fully connect the hydrogen economy. The report closes with recommendations for several groups of hydrogen stakeholders.

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  • What new cross-sector opportunities exist in the emerging hydrogen economy?
  • What is the current state of hydrogen infrastructure?
  • What advancements need to be made in transportation and storage infrastructure for future hydrogen demand?
  • What storage and transportation options are best for varying applications?
  • Natural gas utilities
  • Oil & gas companies
  • Industrial gas companies
  • Governments
  • Renewables developers
  • Investor community




The Emerging Hydrogen Economy

Infrastructure Investment Is Vital for Growth

Transportation and Storage Development Advance the Hydrogen Economy

The Market Begins to Develop Hydrogen Infrastructure

Current Storage Options Possess Benefits and Drawbacks

Large-Scale Storage Presents Cost-Effective Solutions

Small-Scale Storage Provides Conventional Alternative

Transportation Modes Need Innovation

Truck Transport Is Limited

Pipeline Presents Opportunities

Emerging Liquid Hydrogen Carrier Ships

Infrastructure Requires Improvement to Capture the Opportunities Hydrogen Presents

Utilities and Governments Need to Work Together to Develop Policies

Hydrogen Producers and Distributors Need to Shift from Ground Transport

Countries Should Take Advantage of Existing Pipelines

Blending Hydrogen Offers Alternative

Liquid Natural Gas Developments Offer Lessons for Hydrogen Market

Countries Lead the Way for the Hydrogen Market

Producers and Users Must Engage the Middle of the Value Chain

  • Hydrogen Value Chain Segments and Players
  • Overview of Energy Storage Technologies
  • Overview of Energy Storage Technologies, US
  • Explored Renewable Hydrogen Export Schemes: 2019
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