2Q 2021

Capitalizing on Micromobility Value Chain Opportunities

In 2020, personal micromobility vehicle sales grew at unprecedented levels. Consumers continue to show strong demand for low cost, physically distanced, and clean transport options. Shared micromobility services have had a resurgence from lockdown lows, with historically resistant markets such as New York City and the UK deploying shared light EVs. Additionally, emerging technology innovations such as battery swapping are enabling faster micromobility market growth through reduced upfront purchase prices and quicker recharging times.

The opportunity space in micromobility is far broader than just manufacturing vehicles and the services for distributing them. Additional revenue potential is available to suppliers across several areas, including development of public charging infrastructure, battery swapping equipment and services, and solutions for docking, charging, and redistributing light EVs. New mobility as a service (MaaS) platform solutions are also being developed to better integrate shared micromobility with the public transport ecosystem.

This Guidehouse Insights report discusses how COVID-19 and technology advances are increasing demand for micromobility products and the resulting business opportunities emerging across the micromobility value chain. Guidehouse Insights provides actionable recommendations for micromobility industry players to capitalize on the dynamic and growing market.

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  • What are the key emerging business opportunities in the micromobility industry and which opportunities offer the strongest potential?
  • Who are the key players in the micromobility supplier ecosystem and where are they positioned in the value chain?
  • How are COVID-19 and technology advances enabling micromobility growth?
  • How big is the revenue opportunity for personal and shared micromobility over the next 10 years?
  • What should micromobility industry players do to capitalize on the growing market?
  • Which market segments and countries offer the most opportunity for growth?
  • Personal micromobility manufacturers and suppliers
  • Shared micromobility platform providers
  • Battery swapping and wireless charging suppliers
  • Micromobility technology solutions providers
  • Automotive and motorcycle manufacturers
  • Mobility as a service providers
  • Investor community




COVID-19 and Technology Advancements Are Increasing Demand for Micromobility Products

Collapse in Public Transit and Physical Distancing Concerns Spur Micromobility Markets

Technology Advances Enable Micromobility Growth

Battery Swapping Emerging as Key Growth Accelerator

Supplier Ecosystem Expanding Rapidly

Major Business Opportunities Are Emerging Across the Micromobility Value Chain

Opportunities Exist in Manufacturing Light EVs, Charging Infrastructure Equipment, and Services

Battery Swapping Equipment and Service Revenue Are a Growing Market

Docking, Charging, and Redistributing Shared Micromobility Vehicles

Integrating Micromobility into Public Transport Ecosystem

What Does Guidehouse Insights Recommend?

Develop Separate Divisions for e-Micromobility and Increase Acquisition Activity

Focus Micromobility Products in China, India, Southeast Asia, and Europe

Micromobility Sharing Service Operators Use Emerging Technologies to Improve Profitability and Customer Experience

Look Beyond Hardware to Access Recurring Revenue Opportunities

Target Fleets and B2B Markets

  • Annual Personal Micromobility Sales Revenue by Technology, World Markets: 2021-2030
  • Installed Base of Shared Micromobility Vehicles by Technology, World Markets: 2021-2030
  • Installed Base of Light EV Battery Swap Stations by Region, World Markets: 2021-2030
  • Micromobility Supplier Ecosystem
  • Micromobility Business Opportunity Heatmap
  • KUHMUTE Micromobility Smart Charging Hub
  • DUCKT Charging Docks in Paris, France
  • Automotive and Motorcycle Manufacturer Micromobility Activity and Product Descriptions
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