2Q 2023

Analyst Insights: Lighting in Europe

Lighting Forecast Database

This Analyst Insight accompanies the 1st Edition of the Lighting Forecast Database published in 1Q 2023. The Database is indicative of four end-use segments and five lighting technologies, across five principal geographic regions. It reports revenue and shipment forecasts of lamps and luminaires by technology, building/area type, construction type, and year, representing the most comprehensive overview of the lighting market that Guidehouse Insights has published to date. Its purpose is to provide the best up-to-date forecast of lighting revenue and shipments available globally by highlighting key trends and dynamics across regional markets by building/area, product, and construction types. The Database is updated frequently and published twice yearly.

This accompanying Analyst Insight maps and discusses emerging features of the dynamic lighting market in Europe and other leading regions around the world. LEDs’ excellent reliability has provided value to consumers, but as the failure rate of light sources has decreased, producers have increasingly relied on retrofits and new construction for additional revenue.

The lighting market is expanding globally, mostly in emerging markets due to national and corporate requirements for decarbonization and reduced energy consumption. Asia Pacific leads the market by revenue, followed by North America, and then Europe. Incentives spurred by decarbonization goals, such as the EU’s 2020 recovery fund, are providing corporations reason to engage in both new construction and retrofit projects. However, they are expected to remain limited. Additional topics covered in this Analyst Insight include lighting trends, drivers and barriers, top lighting markets around the globe, the EU’s incentivization of the lighting market, a case study on the rise in popularity of LED technology, and a regional market overview by end use.

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  • What is the global lighting market revenue forecast for 2023-2032?
  • Which region is expected to lead annual lighting revenue globally through 2032?
  • Which lighting technology makes up most of the lighting market by revenue in 2023?
  • What end uses are most popular in the lighting market?
  • Will Europe’s lighting market increase or decline over the forecast period?
  • What is the percentage of total regional lighting shipments by end use across world markets?
  • Lighting manufacturers
  • Lighting installers
  • Lighting consumers
  • Smart hardware and software producers
  • Large industrial power users
  • Government agencies
  • Military agencies
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Investor community
  • Utilities
  • Financing companies



Executive Summary

Market Inflection Trends

Market Drivers and Barriers

Top Lighting Markets by Revenue

Lighting Market Revenue by End Use and Technology

The European Union Incentivizes the Lighting Market

Case Study: LEDs Set to Extend Market Dominance

Regional Market Overview


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  • Total Lighting Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2023
  • Total Lighting Revenue by Region and Technology, World Markets: 2023
  • Annual Lighting Revenue by End Use, World Markets: 2023-2032
  • Annual Lighting Revenue by Technology, World Markets: 2023-2032
  • LEDs as Percentage of Annual Revenue, European Markets: 2023-2032

  • Percentage of Total Regional Lighting Shipments by End Use, World Markets: 2023-2032 

  • Lighting Market Growth Potential, World Markets: 2023‐2032
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