3Q 2022

Analyst Insight: The Future of Agrivoltaics

Global Solar and Wind Insights

Agrivoltaics, or agrivoltaic farming, which refers to the dual use of land for both solar PV production and agriculture (crops or livestock), is not yet widely propagated but holds great potential. As land use—especially in densely populated areas, such as Europe—becomes a point of contention, and as countries look for ways to secure energy and food supplies, and grapple with rising populations, agrivoltaics seems poised to become a relevant solution. Demonstrator projects and initial government incentives are beginning around the world.

Despite its promise, the adoption of agrivoltaics has been slow worldwide—apart from Asian countries such as China and Japan, which have employed it since the early 2000s. Current supply chain bottlenecks in solar PV manufacturing could, even now, stifle the nascent industry and set it back as prices for conventional solar PV modules rise.

This Guidehouse Insights report, which covers both the distributed solar PV and utility-scale solar PV markets, presents a global forecast of annual capacity additions, cumulative capacity, and revenue through 2030. Distributed solar PV is segmented by residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Guidehouse Insights also examines key legislative and regulatory trends that affect the solar PV industry across each region and in selected countries that influence its growth.

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  • What is agrivoltaics?
  • Where is agrivoltaics most widespread?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of agrivoltaics?
  • What is the future outlook for agrivoltaic implementation worldwide?
  • What does Guidehouse recommend for implementing more agrivoltaics?
  • Solar panel producers
  • Agricultural developers
  • Investors
  • Infrastructure developers
  • Solar farm developers
  • Planning permission executives


Scope and Executive Summary

Agrivoltaics Overview

Market Inflection Trends

Market Drivers and Barriers

Agrivoltaics Growth Potential

Regional Overview

Key Recommendations

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