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As the world gears toward a renewable future, the problem of resolving the intermittency of renewables becomes ever more pressing. This challenge has been reflected in the increasing numbers of solar plus storage projects across the world, with the aim of providing stable, 24/7 grid power from clean sources. Solar plus storage projects also give project owners the opportunity to maximize revenue from the land available on which to house these projects. 

The technological advances made in solar energy generation in recent years, such as bifacial panels and more powerful inverters, have led to a greater need for monitoring and control (M&C) solutions. Furthermore, downward pressure on the solar industry is pushing the market toward greater automation and reliance on smart solutions. However, barriers to the adoption of M&C solutions remain, such as resistance from solar developers who maintain the monopoly on the maintenance and repairs of solar panels.

This Guidehouse Insights report provides an overview of the market including market inflection trends, market drivers and barriers, global energy storage market forecasts, regional market analysis of energy storage capacity, and key recommendations for stakeholders in the energy storage industry.

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  • What market trends are leading the solar monitoring and control market?
  • Which markets are leading in solar plus energy storage by region? 
  • What recent announcements have been made about new solar plus storage projects?
  • What are the drivers and barriers to adopting solar monitoring and control (M&C) solutions? 

  • Energy storage technology vendors
  • Smart grid controls and software companies
  • Energy engineering, procurement, and construction firms
  • Solar financing companies
  • Utilities
  • Investor community



Executive Summary

Market Inflection Trends

Market Drivers and Barriers

Recent Announcements

Regional Market Overview

Key Recommendations

Acronyms and Resources


  • Solar Plus Storage Project Growth Potential, World Markets: 2021-2030
  • Solar Plus Storage Project Capacity by Region, World Markets: 3Q21
  • Recent Announcements of Solar and Storage Projects
  • Market Drivers and Barriers
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