1Q 2024

Analyst Insight: Smart Traffic Monitoring Technology

Smart City Tracker Insights

Smart city projects are expanding on a global scale. As rapid urbanization continues around the world, cities are focusing on smart technology to increase efficiency, improve environmental and public health, and develop their economies. With more people comes more demands on cities’ transportation infrastructure—and more traffic. A major focus of new smart city transportation projects is using smart traffic technology to create more efficient traffic patterns, lower vehicle emissions through reduced idling, and improve pedestrian and vehicle safety at intersections. New technology and markets are emerging based on growing demand for more efficient transportation.

This Guidehouse Insights Analyst Insight focuses on smart traffic technology trends globally as well as on a regional level, with a focus on smart traffic lights and sensors that record real-time data on air quality, emissions, and traffic patterns. Drawing on data from Guidehouse Insights’ Smart Cities Tracker database, the report analyzes project trends and looks at specific case studies and technologies to provide insights into the state of the market and offer recommendations to key stakeholders.

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  • Which regions and countries invest the most in smart transportation projects?
  • How are most smart transportation projects funded?
  • What types of technology are being used in smart traffic projects?
  • How do smart traffic and smart transportation technologies improve cities?
  • What are the main drivers and barriers for smart traffic technology implementation?
  • Smart city technology providers
  • Smart transportation providers
  • Urban sensor vendors
  • IoT sensor developers
  • Environmental quality sensor manufacturers
  • AI developers
  • Governments
  • Municipalities
  • Startups
  • Investor community



Executive Summary

Smart City Projects Tracked

Smart Traffic Technology: Market Drivers and Barriers

Global Smart Traffic Trends

US Smart Traffic Case Studies

Main Smart Traffic Technologies

Key Recommendations

Acronyms, Resources & Contact

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  • Smart City Transportation Projects by Country: 1Q 2024
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  • Smart Traffic Project Locations, 1Q & 3Q 2023
  • Smart Traffic Project Locations, 1Q 2024
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