1Q 2023

Analyst Insight: Megatrends Impacting Carbon Capture

Low Carbon Technology and Fuel Innovations Insights

This is the first Guidehouse Insights report dedicated to carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS). Guidehouse Insights published its first CCUS Market Forecast report in 2Q22, based on announcements and data on market activity collected in its Global CCUS Project Tracker. Now, CCUS is increasingly considered a serious and necessary decarbonization technology for hard-to-abate sectors. The days of a handful of lone, vertically integrated utilization projects dedicated to enhanced oil recovery and concentrated in the US are yielding to a global industry that emphasizes the permanent storage of captured carbon. Enabled and emboldened by complex ecosystems of supportive policies, regulations, and incentives, global CCUS markets are expanding, evolving, and becoming increasingly more competitive.

This Analyst Insight report identifies and explores a series of megatrends for the CCUS market, including Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)/45Q-related industry incentives in the US; cross-border pipeline developments in Europe; groundbreaking developments in CO2 shipping; and trends in direct air capture (DAC) and the carbon removal credit markets. Data collected for the Guidehouse Insights Global CCUS Project Tracker and novel mapping capabilities are the basis for this report.

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  • What is the current state of CCUS projects globally?
  • How are maximum capture capacities of CCS/CCU projects spread around the world and by capture industry type?
  • What are key megatrends impacting the world of CCUS?
  • What future trends might be key for CCUS market analysts and investors?
  • What are key market barriers and drivers for the CCUS market?
  • Carbon capture / decarbonization and energy transition-related investor groups.
  • CCUS industry analysts
  • CCUS policy makers and advocates
  • Emitters (industrial, agricultural, residential)
  • Carbon capture, transport, and storage companies



Executive Summary

The Global CCUS Market Mapped

US Inflation Reduction Act’s Implications for CCUS

Cross-Border CO2 and Export Hubs

Carbon Capture Marine Transport

Direct Air Capture and Carbon Removal Credits

Market Drivers and Barriers

Key Recommendations

Acronyms, Resources & Contact

  • Publicly Announced, Geo-located DAC Projects, Worldwide: All Project Stages
  • Market Drivers and Barriers 
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