1Q 2022

Analyst Insight: Impact of State Level Regulations on Non-Wires Alternatives

Non-Wires Alternatives Tracker Insights

Non-wires alternatives (NWA) offer targeted demand side management that reduces investment in the traditional grid infrastructure. To date, most regulatory support has been in the US. Worldwide, a larger push is needed, as is more cooperation among the key stakeholders: regulators, legislators, utilities, and customers. Best practices, clear mandates, and additional regulatory support can all help to increase worldwide implementation.

Developing a business case for NWA projects can be challenging, especially because accurately identifying bottlenecks in the grid is difficult—as is implementing a cost-effective solution. However, encouraging NWAs can lead to a cleaner, less congested grid that is flexible enough to increase with changes in load requirements. Supporting this must be a strong customer engagement program, which can be accomplished through demand side programs. Remote areas or densely populated regions where grid infrastructure is difficult to maintain can particularly benefit from NWA projects.

The Guidehouse Insights Non-Wires Alternatives Tracker Research Service provides a comprehensive and up-to-date database of global NWA projects. Information provided for tracked projects includes project name, utility, size, cost, included technologies, and status. An updated NWA database will be published in 2Q 2022. The current Analyst Insight focuses on the impact of state level regulations on NWA, particularly in the US.

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  • What are the total number of NWA projects worldwide?
  • What are the impacts of state level regulations on NWA projects?
  • What are the key indicators and trends that dictate the number of NWA projects implemented?
  • What market drivers and barriers are affecting NWA project growth? 
  • Legislators
  • Developers
  • State utilities
  • Management consultancies
  • Energy sector trade associations and advocacy groups
  • Government agencies, regulators, and policymakers
  • Investor community 


Scope and Project Status Definitions

Executive Summary

Market Inflection Trends

Non-wires Alternatives: Projects Overview

Market Drivers and Barriers

State Level Analysis: US Regulations

Regional Market Overview

Conclusions and Recommendations

Acronyms, Resources, and Contact

  • Non-Wires Alternatives Tracker Projects, Worldwide: 2021
  • Number of NWA Projects by Technology Location, Worldwide, 2021
  • Number of NWA Projects by Status, Worldwide: 2021
  • Number of Non-Wires Alternative Projects by State: US 2021
  • Number of Non-Wires Alternatives Projects by Region: 2021 
  • Market Drivers and Barriers 
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