3Q 2023

Analyst Insight: Energy Blockchain in Asia Pacific

Energy Blockchain Vendor and Deployment Insights

The Guidehouse Insights Energy Blockchain Vendor and Deployment Tracker provides an overview of blockchain vendors and project developments in the energy industry, including vendors, project partners and funding, project size, use cases, company status, and other project-specific data points.

As of 3Q 2023, Guidehouse Insights tracks 593 energy blockchain projects. In 2023, a total of 89 projects were added to the Tracker, led by the US and Germany. After Europe and North America, Asia Pacific is the third-most popular blockchain region by vendor headquarters location, an indicator of energy blockchain activity in a given geographic area. Project deployments in the Asia Pacific region are led by China (23% of deployments), followed by Australia (21%) and Japan (13%). As power reliability, decarbonization, and demand for innovative granular solutions increase in the region, energy blockchain deployments are expected to accelerate.

For most energy blockchain product use cases, competitive and technological landscapes remain nascent; however, a few vendors and flagship projects are helping lead the way for broader application across industry types. Leveraging insights and findings from the 3Q 2023 iteration of the Tracker, this Analyst Insight provides an overview of the energy blockchain market in Asia Pacific from a regional, vendor, and use case perspective, focusing on forward-looking trends that inform market opportunities and potential.

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  • Who are the leading energy blockchain vendors?
  • What countries and regions are key markets for energy blockchain?
  • How many blockchain projects are located in the Asia Pacific region?
  • What are the leading use cases for energy blockchain applications in the Asia Pacific region?
  • What are the main barriers to energy blockchain applications in the Asia Pacific region?
  • Utility companies
  • Energy technology companies
  • Smart meter vendors
  • Microgrid developers
  • Microgrid component suppliers
  • Energy storage purveyors
  • Power electronics companies
  • Microgrid and smart grid software vendors
  • Private broadband purveyors
  • C&I customers
  • VPP aggregators
  • DERMS providers
  • Distribution systems operators
  • Smart grid hardware and software providers
  • Investor community



Executive Summary

Blockchain’s Role in a Decentralized Electricity System

Market Drivers and Barriers

Market Inflection Trends

Energy Blockchain Project Deployments

Vendor Profile: Powerledger

Vendor Profile:Energo Labs

Vendor Profile: InterOpera

Key Recommendations

Acronyms, Resources and Contact

  • Centralized vs. Blockchain Systems
  • Total Energy Blockchain Project Announcements by Region, World Markets: 2009-2023
  • Top 5 Countries by Energy Blockchain Project Deployments, Asia Pacific: 2016-2023
  • Market Drivers and Barriers
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