1Q 2024

Analyst Insight: DER Market Update 1Q24

Global DER Deployment Insights

Renewable energy has become a growing priority worldwide. As regions add renewable energy and new technology to the grid, the associated energy markets have had to expand to be more flexible. Additionally, growing infrastructure has been necessary for supporting this new grid load. Many technologies are experiencing rapid market growth, causing some cities to install technology that supports grid expansion.

The Guidehouse Insights DER Database covers 14 DER technologies that include renewable and legacy energy sources, as well as software management services for utilities. While multiple energy types are involved, many regions still rely heavily on legacy energy such as natural gas. However, a shift in the energy market has begun as renewable energy infrastructure becomes cheaper to operate.

This Analyst Insight focuses on the DER technology market for the forecast period of 2024-2033. It outlines revenue and cumulative/annual capacities for each region; reports on market news and updates at a global scale; and provides information that can inform stakeholders on the current and future states of the many DER technology markets.

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  • How is DER capacity and revenues forecast to grow in the next 10 years?
  • Which markets will dominate in the coming years?
  • What are the key drivers and barriers for DER technologies?
  • Which technologies will dominate the market and why?
  • How can stakeholders further deploy these valuable grid resources?
  • Energy suppliers, utilities, and grid operators 
  • Government agencies 
  • Investor community 



Executive Summary

Market Forecast

DER Market Breakdown

DER Technology Revenue Growth

DER Leading Technologies

DER Market News: US Inflation Reduction Act 

DER Market International News

Key Recommendations

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  • Annual DER Capacities by Region, World Markets: 2024-2033
  • Annual DER Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2024-2033
  • Cumulative Capacity of Renewable DER Technologies: 2024-2033
  • Cumulative Capacity of Fossil Fuel-Based Technologies: 2024-2033
  • Sum of Annual Revenue Earned by Technology Providers, by Technology: 2024, 2028, 2033
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