2Q 2022

Analyst Insight: Clean Energy Assets Deployed in Microgrids

Global Microgrid Deployment Insights

The Microgrid Deployment Tracker 1Q22 is the twenty-first edition of the Microgrid Project Tracker report from Guidehouse Insights. It covers seven microgrid market segments and six principal geographies. The Tracker does not list unit sales of devices. Instead, it lists operating, planned or under-development, and proposed microgrids as well as selected portfolios of microgrids by country, program, and vendor.

The Microgrid Deployment Tracker 1Q22 represents the largest and most thorough overview of the microgrid market published by any research or government organization. Its purpose is to provide the best up-to-date summary of microgrid projects available globally, doing so by highlighting key trends and dynamics across regional markets and customer segments as well as by generation technology. The underlying Tracker is updated on a continual basis, with the next publication scheduled for 3Q 2022.

This accompanying Analyst Insight report maps and discusses trends in clean energy assets. It also covers key market barriers and drivers and market inflection trends by region and offers key recommendations for vendors, governments, utilities, and regions of high growth.

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  • What are the key trends in clean energy microgrids?
  • Who are the key players deploying clean energy asset microgrids?
  • Where are the key areas for clean energy microgrid growth?
  • What are the market drivers and barriers to microgrid deployment?
  • Which are the leading countries and regions for clean energy assets in deployed microgrids?
  • Microgrid and smart grid technology companies 
  • Microgrid project developers 
  • Smart grid hardware and software providers 
  • Microgrid systems integrators 
  • Microgrid developers 
  • Utilities
  • Federal and state regulators 
  • Smart grid software firms 
  • Investor community 



Executive Summary

Market Inflection Trends

Market Drivers and Barriers

Regional Market Overview

Key Recommendations and Conclusions

Acronyms and Abbreviations



  • Regional Market Overview
  • Clean Energy Microgrid Deployment Growth Potential, World Markets, 2Q 2022
  • Market Drivers and Barriers
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