3Q 2021

Analyst Insight: Blockchain Solutions for Grid Balancing and Management

Energy Blockchain Vendor and Deployment Insights

Since 2012, Guidehouse Insights has tracked 385 total energy blockchain projects and 286 unique vendors. Of those 385 projects, 5.5% employ blockchain technology for grid balancing and management (GBM). For comparison, transactive energy (TE) remains the top use case in the energy blockchain space, with nearly 18% of all projects aimed at using blockchain technology to provide an open energy trading marketplace. Deployment of GBM projects has been relatively consistent since 2017, with an average of seven projects announced each year.

Guidehouse Insights defines GBM projects as those that employ blockchain solutions to streamline supply and demand management for utilities. As blockchain applications become more widely accepted, they are expected to become the foundation for automated management of power grids. Over the long term, the cost of human involvement in the computational processes of power trading is too high compared with an automated system driven by smart contracts. Blockchain-based management of power grids has the potential to achieve comparable results quickly, securely, and at a lower cost.

This Guidehouse Insights report tracks global energy blockchain project deployments, use cases, and vendor activities around the world. It covers 286 vendors and 385 projects across five global regions. This report provides a broad and representative view of the energy blockchain market.

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  • What is blockchain’s role in a decentralized electricity system?
  • What countries and regions are key markets for grid balancing blockchain solutions?
  • Where have grid balancing and management projects already been deployed?
  • What are the market drivers and barriers for blockchain-based grid balancing solutions?
  • Utility companies
  • Energy technology companies
  • Smart meter vendors
  • Microgrid developers
  • Microgrid component suppliers
  • Utilities
  • Energy storage purveyors
  • Power electronics companies
  • Microgrid and smart grid software vendors
  • C&I customers
  • VPP aggregators
  • DERMS providers
  • Distribution system operators
  • Smart grid hardware and software providers
  • Investor community



Energy Blockchain Market Outlook

Blockchain’s Role in a Decentralized Electricity System

Market Inflection Trends

Grid Balancing Project Highlights

Market Drivers and Barriers

Energy Blockchain Project Deployments

Key Recommendations

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Additional Resources


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  • Cumulative GBM Energy Blockchain Project Announcements by Region, World Markets: 2015-2021
  • Cumulative Energy Blockchain Project Announcements by Region, World Markets: 2015-2021
  • Market Drivers and Barriers
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