2Q 2022

Analyst Insight: AMI Vendor Selection Shares

Global AMI Tracker Insights

The smart meter market consists of players from smart meter manufacturers, communication vendors, management system providers, and analytics providers. The market is highly fragmented by region and consists of few established multinational operating companies. With recent global geopolitical and technology developments, smart metering has found new applications in residential hydrogen deployment and EV charging.

The landscape for smart meter manufacturers and communication vendors remains much the same as in the previous iteration of this report. Only a handful of vendors have achieved global footprints. Driving the continued growth in spending on meter data management systems (MDMSs) are the increasing volume of meter data and a demand for enhanced solutions. The enormous number of data points that MDMSs create, plus the requirements to improve customer experience, also greatly expand the market potential for smart meter analytics. In addition, emerging applications like hydrogen and EV meters will add more load on meter communications, MDMSs, and smart meter analytics.

This Guidehouse Insights report provides a comprehensive resource for announced advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) projects and associated vendors, with information obtained from published announcements from vendors, utilities, news agencies, and public filings, among others. This report is based on smart electric meter deployments announced by the end of 1Q 2022 and public information about innovative hydrogen and EV smart meters. It is an update and extension of the AMI Vendor Selection Share Analyst Insight report published in 2Q 2021.

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  • What are the key smart meter projects around the world?
  • Which technologies have various utilities selected for their deployment projects?
  • What technologies have seen increased adoption as a function of new smart meter deployments?
  • How have smart meter technologies evolved over the past decade?
  • What are the selection shares of smart meter communications technologies?
  • Which utilities are actively engaged in second-generation smart meter deployments?
  • What are the emerging application areas for smart meters?
  • Utilities and grid operators
  • Meter manufacturers
  • AMI communications vendors
  • MDM vendors
  • Systems integrators
  • Government agencies
  • Research community
  • Investor community



Executive Summary

Smart Meter Manufacturers

Communications Suppliers

Meter Data Management

Smart Analytics

Emerging Technologies: Hydrogen and EV Meters

Key Recommendations

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  • Smart Meter Manufactures, Selection of Top 5 Share by Region, World Markets: 1Q22
  • Smart Meter Manufactures, Selection of Top 5 Share by Region, World Markets: 1Q22
  • MDMS Spending by Region, World Markets: 2021-2030
  • MDMS Spending by Segment, World Markets:2021-2030
  • Smart Meter Analytics Applications
  • Smart Meter Grid Analytics Leaderboard
  • Smart Hydrogen Vendors in Western Europe
  • EV meter Vendors
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