4Q 2021

5G Can Supercharge Edge Computing for IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has been a goal of manufacturers and other industrial firms for years to improve predictive maintenance of systems, reduce downtime, and reduce repair costs to improve process efficiency and asset tracking. Connectivity is one of the most difficult challenges to surmount, given that many firms are working with legacy systems that were never designed to be connected.

5G has the potential to solve this connectivity problem by allowing edge computing devices to better share data with the cloud. This report describes the role of 5G in IIoT, discusses how it can benefit companies, and provides recommendations for how they can implement the technology to achieve greater efficiencies. Private networks are expected to make it easier to deploy edge computing solutions to enable data-intensive use cases such as computer vision and virtual and augmented reality.

This Guidehouse Insights report describes the role of 5G in IIoT, discusses how it can benefit companies, and provides example real-world use cases being implemented. The report also provides recommendations for how stakeholders can implement the technology to achieve greater efficiencies.

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  • What is the role of 5G and edge computing in delivery of IIoT?
  • How does 5G coexist with other connectivity protocols?
  • What 5G edge activities are telecoms operators engaged in?
  • What are notable 5G edge deployments in industry?
  • What IIoT use cases are enabled by 5G and edge computing?
  • Mobile telecoms operators
  • Port authorities
  • Cloud and big data startups
  • Network infrastructure vendors
  • Mining and resource extraction companies
  • Investor community




5G Is Necessary for Edge Computing in Industrial Internet of Things

Different 5G Technologies Enable Different Applications

5G Enables Connectivity in Harsher Environments

5G Operates Over Larger Distances

LPWAN in Licensed Spectrum Networks Is Compatible with 5G

What Are Telecoms Operators Doing?

Verizon’s 5G Edge IIoT Strategy Is Heavily Intertwined with IBM

Telefonica Partners with Microsoft to Enable the Smart Factory

AT&T’s 5G Edge Strategy Targets a Range of Industries

Telia’s IoT Edge Gateway Is in Use from New York to Stockholm

Vodafone Explores Distributed Edge for Autonomous Vehicles

Orange Uses 5G to Explore IIoT in the Connected Port

Deutsche Telekom’s IoT Hub Aims to Simplify IoT Solutions for Customers

What Is Industry Doing?

Nokia Explores 5G, Edge, and Private Networks in the Port of Oulu, Finland

IBM Has Deployed 5G Edge IIoT to Improve Its Internal Processes

IIoT Must Deploy 5G in Tandem with Other Protocols

5G Should Be Deployed as One of Several Connectivity Protocols

5G Should Be Used for Backhaul to Connect Licensed and Unlicensed Protocols

Aid Edge Computing Deployment Through Private and Software-Defined Networks

  • The Three Legs of 5G Networks
  • Use Cases for the Legs of 5G Networks
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