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Master Systems Integrators In Demand as Smart Building Solution Deployments Increase

Oct 08, 2019

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Building managers are increasingly challenged to select, deploy, and use smart building solutions because the technologies traditionally invested inthat marry IT and OT are managed in isolation. The lack of technical knowledge on the part of building managers has created a need for services that can effectively manage and integrate both sets of building system technologies. This need opens the opportunity for legacy service providers to evolve and offer services that provide comprehensive smart building solutions that encompass an increasingly sophisticated array of IT/OT. This new opening in the market has led to the emergence of the master systems integrators (MSI). 

Guidehouse Insights defines an MSI as “a service provider that demonstrates domain expertise in IT systems and networking, building automation and controls, application software analytics, and support services. A MSI can create and program cross-system integration with complete interoperability.” As building systems become reliant on IT systems to operate (especially as building managers become more dependent on Internet of things devices), there is an increasing need for IT infrastructure systems to integrate, minimizing inefficiencies, reducing energy costs, and maximizing occupancy comfort. 

Delivering In-Demand Solutions

To provide services as an MSI, existing IT integrators or mechanical contractors must pivot and build domain expertise and skillsets across various IT/OT platforms and systems to be able to deliver the comprehensive solutions that are in demand. To gain this knowledge and expertise, contractors can turn to partnerships or acquisitions, either with smaller or regional firms or with more established groups. 

Two examples of innovators tackling this problem include Unisys and Radio France. In late August, Bangalore International Airport Limited tapped Unisys to “to integrate and manage all IT and non-IT systems for Phase 1 of the second terminal (T2) of India’s third-busiest airport.” Unisys is responsible for integrating an additional 20 new IT systems and integrating the IT and non-IT systems to support current and planned future infrastructure. Radio France is entrusting Orange Business Services and BCE to update its headquarters by migrating its current media infrastructure to the next generation of full IP technology. 

As building managers increasingly deploy more sophisticated smart building solutions, there is reason to expect growth in demand for MSIs. To learn more about the trends in the broader intelligent buildings market, read Guidehouse Insights’ report, Intelligent Buildings Overview