Guidehouse Insights Names Oracle, Landis+Gyr, and Itron the Leading Smart Meter Analytics Providers

The global penetration of smart meters is expected to climb from approximately 44% at the end of 2020 to 56% by the end of 2028, resulting in over 1.2 billion devices globally

Apr 13, 2021

A new Leaderboard report from Guidehouse Insights examines the strategy and execution of 12 smart meter analytics vendors, with Oracle, Landis+Gyr, and Itron ranked as the leading market players. 

Smart meters, often considered the original smart grid device, have been used by utilities seeking benefits around billing, outage, and workforce considerations. In recent years, data analytics have emerged to provide additional value-adds in areas such as grid optimization, customer experience (CX), distributed energy resources (DER) integration, and more. Click to tweet: According to a new Leaderboard report from @WeAreGHInsights, Oracle, Landis+Gyr, and Itron are the leading smart meter analytics providers.

“The depth of Oracle’s smart meter software solution portfolio outranks the competition with features such as meter data management, grid analytics, customer analytics, and an IT/OT portfolio,” says Michael Kelly, senior research analyst with Guidehouse Insights. “Along with Itron, Landis+Gyr is the only other profiled vendor with an end-to-end portfolio of AMI solutions, including a head end system (HES), a meter data management system (MDMS), smart meters, and analytics.”

Drivers for smart meter analytics in the utility market are abundant and evolving rapidly as smart meters continue to saturate the market, new use cases are explored, market competition increases, and grid and data management become increasingly paramount. According to the report, the global penetration of smart meters is expected to climb from approximately 44% at the end of 2020 to 56% by the end of 2028, resulting in over 1.2 billion devices globally by the end of the forecast period. Furthermore, the growing number of second-generation smart meter projects are expected to rely heavily on advanced smart meter analytics to maximize the value of these deployments.

The report, Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard: Smart Meter Analytics, provides an overview of the companies involved in the smart meter analytics market and their Strategy and Execution in developing, marketing, and delivering these solutions. Companies are compared based on 10 criteria: vision; go-to-market strategy; partners; technology; geographic reach; sales, marketing, and distribution; product performance; product portfolio; pricing; and staying power. Company ratings capture the vendor’s standing at the time of the report and are not a retrospective of past accomplishment or an indication of future success. In this market, ratings are likely to shift as companies consolidate and switch focus and smart meter analytics applications continue to evolve. An executive summary of the report is available for free download on the Guidehouse Insights website.


Lindsay Funicello-Paul


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